Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gov Scott and staff,

seriously I feel this email is falling on deaf ears, not really deaf ears because that would mean you understood disabilities. I gave birth to three healthy beautiful children. I come from a well standing family; chose when I entered my career in Florida as a single Mother with a fashion degree management background to serve the people of Florida. I worked eleven years in the social welfare departments (economic services to foster/adoption services). I learned the need for foster parents and did my part caring for over 20 needy children, while I worked full time for the state. I then saw the need for adoptive parents; stepped up to the plate to do my civic duty (I had children/ was capable of having more)... I adopted one foster child who had bonded with our family in the 6 years it took his case to come to a decision.. a child with RAD, Bipolar and more.... Then a teen who was called a "lost cause" serous abuse.....she would have been a forgotten soul from the system; from there I worked over 40 hours serving the people of Florida and caring as a single mom for my healthy beautiful children and two more children by choice.. because I care about human life.

My biggest move in this journey was the day I met my daughter Kaitlyn. The day I said to myself, I must offer my life to this little girls family so she does not have to experience foster care.. She was just 3 yrs old having down syndrome, a pure angel. My first private adoption, keeping her from entering the doors of foster care. I continued to work and learn about disabilities.. I did more than my part of humanity serving the people of Florida... it was contagious, I learned more about unconditional love than I knew possible. It didn't take much to say yes again to a little boy with Down syndrome out of Miami Beach who was facing foster care if I did not step up.. and the story moves on to my retirement from the state welfare position to a full time professional mom to Florida's children. Today, I have persoanlly saved the state of Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping nine children out of foster care through private special needs adoption. I have given every ounce of my being to provide a well rounded medical and educationally enriched home for the children to achieve their highest potential and I am extremely proud of all their accomplishments...

I challenge you and your staff to experience a piece of this ... spend time in the life of a person with disabilities or the parent role and see first hand the hard work it takes; the rewards of feeling unconditional love. .. I am not asking you for anything more than experience because with that you will make more humane decision for our people of Florida who have disabilities. I have seen, I know and live the day to day effects. I ask you to believe in the people who voted you in and seek their insights to fix the broken system, do not cut their throats.... seek their wisdom.

Mary Beth Pringle