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I want to share a moment which derived from the years my older children have worked for me and make our daily lives enriched with sibling pranks pros and cons but sibling love 100%.

When the kids were reaching teen years years and recognized there is no "Father" here, no one showed up at the Fathers night movies, when Father came up it was mom to the rescue..  Well part of Mandie's plan was to be sure the kids knew how to protect themselves from stranger part of her lessons she taught the children that if asked about their Dad they would respond My Dad is a police officer.  Yes, this seemed harmless tale telling (he is by far not) therefore years have passed it has come up a few times when Kaitlyn was preparing to go to public dances she knew to say if in trouble my parents will be coming and my dad is a police officer.....if a boy put his hand on her rear end she responded; do not touch me, my dad is a police officer...not sure why the tale wasn't my Mom is a world wrestler but that was Mandie's doing. 

So fast forward to last night.......  AT approx. 6:30 pm when my life begins decent into the night time routine we decide to break the routine and head to Target for we heard there are $5.00 bathing suits that we need to cover large teen hind ends.  The Justice suits just do not offer enough coverage for my 18 yr olds.  SO knowing full well this is not my best decision....but we are ALL....ALL 12 children, yes we have two grand kids with us....going to Target.

As we enter the store Jordan spots this 6foot plus very dark man in a police uniform , immediately he VERY LOUDLY informs Kaitlyn "Dad is here"   yes he sure did not once but with giggles, jumps excitement television craves to capture.... This guy had no idea what was about to happen.  I quickly divert Jordan to the cart to push Emma, be my helper...but the swim suits are right there, three feet from this innocent police officer.  Jordan is beside himself (it is meds time)  so this man acknowledges him....."hey son, how was your Christmas" or something....All I heard was son...... I know it is used widely by men talking to young boys but now, right now this could not have been more awkward... Jordan turns with a spin and a huge grin and says to all of us "see that's my Dad"  Kaitlyn is looking at this man like OK, he is a police officer but nothing is ringing any memory for her and she has minimal memory.  She is willing to join in the party feeling of this reunion of sort...LOL  Michelle and I are in hysteria hoping not to wet ourselves from holding deep laughter...I had only wished this happened while they were in Mandie's care.... So the man now has figured out what Jordan is saying and trying to avoid us.... I get Jordan to go to the back of the store and things calm.... I try to talk to him about how many police officers there are in the city....his response "but not my Dad"   we manage to avoid any more contact until we are completely checked out and Jordan screams across the store "BYE DAD" about four times.....  so now do I get photos of the real "Dad" out but then the whole story follows...and not really feeling they will ever understand divorce and loss of parental we move on....and I will continue to shop at Walmart..LOL
STARTING OVER........................
We have been scrutinized the past year for anything in this blog so I shut it down until the priority of what our lives are about was is completed!  All the children in our home are finally finalized adoptions....YIPEEEEEE  I am free to speak .
The end of 2011-2012 school year brings on the summer activities and sleep in a bit. Kaitlyn finished her first year of High School with all the bells and whistles. She was in the school play, played the clarinet in the end of the year concert. She got good grades, making strides in American sign language (general education) and her many new friends rave about her. Her year book shows the love support she has not only with Seniors who have given her strong wings to fly solo with but many under classmen who see her as their peer and also protect her as a little sister. Kaitlyn is completely focused on Disney world and camp. Our annual trip to Family cafe in Orlando where we meet up with (annual family) Families around the state who come together one weekend a year to arm themselves with information and ideas to get through another year with success in parenting children with so many needs with enormous deficits in every .. Steven the honor roll freshman year dude and shaving now has so many positives from being promoted socially to High School, skipping eith grade totally; best move I have ever donw for him... He has grown into an ingrediable young man. Swimming like a champ. He is looking forward to transition into the work force and moving into the boys dorm (group home of men with Down syndrome in Cape Coral) He has his sights on the "good life". He has plans to work in a garden company watering all their plans keeping everything in order and growing.. bieng 15 he has solid goals for a solid future. Alyssa is making progress every moment of every day... so many fears to work through but each day one more conquered... took over a year to get her home but she is here and all has been a mush smoother transition than we could have prayed for. The weeks have been sorting meds, making life for her a bit more inclusive and not sedated.. she is alrert more now and able to talk, share do puzzles, play as siblings do, swim, she is actually doing many word games showing us she knows so much more than she has let anyone know she could for a very long time. Abuse memories are deep and create many fears so one day at a time I push through and love her through each step...I give it yet another year to be on the playing field of "keeping up with the Pringle kids" but she will get there I am totally sure of that. Jordan is adjusting to the aditions of girls creeping out of control in our household...He has his music as his salvation, he must know every Disney song out there. He remaines fully included in genera education classes entering the fifth grade this year and lord only knows my plan for after fifth so we are taking this year with everything we can. He continues to struggle with learning although is getting more and more socially appropriate as we enter into puberty (YIKES IS RIGHT) He has fantastic male role models at school (Para professional)and home (PCA) His health contiues to be of high priority as I do everything to keep him stable. He is swimmg like a fish looking into many Speciall Olympics activities at this point. Tressa has another year of schooling behind her, she is fully included on the General Education track to receeive a Full education credit diploma which she has to work hard at. her attention span is second to her OCD issues which continue to test her every day tasks. She has managed to be PERFECT in height and weight again this year, right on the money line, brought her speciallist to tears. She is doing fantastic in daily exercize. She has some social needs in that she feels many of the Disney shows are "real life" and talks to the general public about what she sees on TV like it is a real life event she was part of or they are her "friends" so we have some more joinging to do to expand her circle of friends in the real life which for her is hard with all the quirks OCD has put upon her. We are so very proud of how hard life is for Tressa yet she meets it head on. Lucas, he is amazing, has come so far since June 2008. His emotions are still a work in progress, he is in a social communication classrooom which has brought him alog and we have many hopes to gain so much more, he speaks simple requests, has many signs and is more "normal than not" He steals everyone's heart when he meets folks in the community. He continuesto remain a small staure so more tests with Endo but he is doing amazingly well. Emma, she started pre-K broke my heart but she is loving school. She is excited to ride the bus, get to school and is excited to see me when she gets home so that helps my issues...yes my issues. Emma is doing a lot of side line play at school but comes home and role plays for me everything she saw at school. It is so cute to see her play with purpose and she walks with her hands to the side.
I wanted to share our family update and most importantly the latest IEP...

Kaitlyn is 17 yrs old now, can not even believe it for a minute. SHe is in her final months of her freshman in High School years. Her favorite classes are American Sign Language, Band (clarinet) and Drama. She is in the band concert this spring and also a role in the annual school play this year Beauty and the Beast. She is in charge of sewing 12 aprons for the set, she started on them this weekend. She is confused on why they are asking for boring white cheap looking aprons when she makes beautifull colorful ones with ruffles and color fabric. Kaitlyn just traveled to Tallahassee with the family for Developmental Disabilities Day and made 5 appointments wth Senators and Representatives. Most of the meetings went remarkbly well. She will be meetingwith the local reps in March for more detailed discussin on the shortfals i Kailtyn's future if cuts continue and door shut..and most importantly opening a couple from laws set into motion not understadin large families like ours.. meaning it is law that siblings can not live together and no more than 3 for supported living or supported employment so our long term plans of keeping their home and family if they choose is taken away from their options an them forced into a much higher costing living situation "not theirs" so we have some word changing to do. Kaitlyn is looking forward to her sef advocate role in the summer for National NDSC. Going to washington DC (grants) to attend will once again be life changing for her. Each time she learns so much more about her abilities. Kailtyn also spent a couple days with her birth mom andthat is always the highlight of any get together.

Steven is in love andwill meltat the mention of "her name" too cute. He is lettin his hair grow so no mohowk right now..h is trying to take over Justi Beibers network at this time.. Steven continus to love school, the experiences he is getting from going out into the community on CBI (community based instruction) are highlights for him. He is also in charge of Birthday cakes for his class. I on the other hand am having to remind myself of "shaving" Steven or the facil hair is all over... a young man for sure.

Jordan is having some health issues which are setting off morenegative behaviors. I hope soon the medications bring his blood levels within range and he can feel better. He continues to loose weight as this all plays a role on him daily. School has been understanding and supprtive. He remains fully included in ge ed classes with his paraprofessional helping ward off isues..

Tressa is flying on clouds as she is acouple days way from a birth family visit and she can not wait to have her special time. She has been struggling with he PWS issues and I hope this helps calm her anxiety.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Any help is appreciated.....a final hearing date is set 12/27/2012  @ 2pm

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear Birth Mother,
This letter brings us together in such bitter sweet moments of a journey neither of us can completely predict. If you lived near me it would be a totally different meet and greet as I shared with you all the supports and services available to you if you wish to try to raise this unexpected bundle. I would be your support; go to person from this day forward as you parented your child. Today, your emotions must be all over the place and completely understandable. I am the Mom of children who have Down syndrome through adoption. The unexpected delivery of a baby who has Down syndrome makes you question many things in life, it has come to a point you have chosen adoption as your option and I am open and available to meet your needs. We can share in the life of your child forever or for now, from near or far. I have some parents who follow the journey only via the internet (facebook/blog) and some who come to Florida to vacation and we do face to face visits. The children have extended love and feel blessed from the large family they have.
Me, I was born into a large family, my parents have been married forever and are today alive, well and live about 2 hours from me. I grew up in central Illinois with your basic upper middle class experiences. Raised Catholic I have solid believes in God, his forgiveness and love have been my rock. I moved to Florida in 1988, have chosen the life of social work and today am a parent to children with special needs. My focus is full inclusion. It is proven that children with Down syndrome can achieve a much higher quality of life when given opportunities throughout their lifespan. I have a 17 year old as my mentor, she has Down syndrome, is in her freshman year of High School. She plays the clarinet, is in the school play, is an amazing ball player. She sits next to her typical peers in education. She is popular on campus, attends the Homecoming dances and school activities. I believe she has taught me more about life and love than I have her. The children in my home are all achieving their highest potential from my devotion to parent and strength to advocate for all their needs.
I have a team of professionals that come into my home to teach OT, PT and speech, our home appears like a middle class home in a quiet neighborhood; has closets full of activities to enhance the abilities of my children. I use Bush Gardens and Disney world as high energy stimulating environments to achieve more communication and reward for their hard work. We travel to many conferences about their disability so that I have up to date information on ways for them to gain independence. It is not all ,it is tons of fun, they love music all have ipod or Mp3 players, we have dance off’s on Saturday nights where they try to outdo their siblings latest and greatest dance moves.
The future is bright, Kaitlyn wishes to purchase a Duplex after High School to use as income producing property and offer supported living for herself and some friends like her. The kids all have independent goals in life to have jobs, have homes of their own and me as a solid advocate for their supports and services.
I would enjoy talking with you about all your hopes and dreams for your child and we can plan from those, yours needs included. Love and prayers to you as you move through this moast important decision. (((HUGS)))) Mary

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Faces of Anne Frank; Highlighting the Pringle family

January 5 - 31, 2012
Join me January 11th for a personal appearance
Project Tolerance: Faces of Anne Frank
4760 Tamiami Trail North
Suite 7
Sandalwood Square
Naples, FL 34103

Sanibel artist, Myra Roberts brings her considerable talent to bear as she explores the life of Anne Frank.

The exhibit consists of 25 original oil paintings with select excerpts from Anne's diary. To accompany the paintings,

Ft. Myers - based journalist, Ella Nayor, explores the stories of Southwest Floridians who experienced the Holocaust, as well as people who have experienced intolerance in our world today.

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a family trying to decide whether to place their four-month old daughter with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). They are wondering what some of our families are like. If you have experience with adopting and PWS, or are open to this situation, please email the CHASK office (please do not call). Mark your email Attn. PWS

Sunday, November 27, 2011

During this time of year my emotions go all over the board. I miss the old days where my family gathered together bringing hundreds of related people in one place to share fun times and yes be dressed to the 9's and exchange gifts. I miss the snow for I miss being a child unknowing of world problems. The Innocent years. At moments I feel sad that I am single, experiencing such a fulfilled daily life solo, no one to share the moment one of the children made a milestone, said something remarkable or cuddle in adult conversation....and the touch of a man in a loving way.. I crave it in the moments I feel alone.. the times I slip into the what we do not have is also the dark side moments I find myself in every once in awhile...if only we had... AND THEN: I start the project which is the annual Holiday Party. I do call it a holiday party for reasons I am not the founder and I follow rules set forth as I represent a variety of families of all faith. So the planning starts and it sometimes seems overwhelming until a person then two step up to help, another and another volunteer contact me and the invitations to RSVP go out... my email has some days 300 emails to open, my phone rings off the wall and my home mailbox is full daily...and my life is so busy I have no time to think of sadness...until the letter comes.. My world turns completely around when the message that some one who NEEDS to be at our annual parent to parent support Holiday dinner/dance/social/gift giving=FUN NIGHT occurs...yet I read that they have not been able to make their rent nor electric bill this month and even if the car wasn't broke down they would not have the money for gas to make it to the party... I go back to How lucky I am to own a home, have my bills paid, have gas in my van (much of the month) how grateful I am I have means to provide today.. the letter thanks me for all my work in putting together such a party .. then the next letter I open, asking for the gifts to be uniforms as that is priority in the lives of their children, and another that calls on the phone to say thank you for the kindness; crying that she can not afford milk until December 1st and her small child is crying for milk.. I hang up the phone knowing that a small part of my help will make one night, one part of this season shine a tad bit brighter for a family. I share all my knowledge to assist the mom to get milk, I am sure on top of uniforms my firemen will get toys and if I have the magical connections I have in the past, some way the family without rent paid will have a ride to and back from the party so they can have a worry free night on December 20th how on earth can I think that my being single, having less than some or any other thought other than grateful for everything here at the Pringle home.. this is my Christmas for Mary...I do not know where my spirit would be this time of year if I did not have this event to lead...I pray for peace, happiness and more than anything I pray our country comes within healthy boundaries before we destroy the true meaning of humanity.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today it just deems appropriate to be a blog day and let the face book absorb the rest of you....

So we can start from the top... My oldest is nursing my grandson who has phenomena along with some nasty double ear infections..after a week of fevers a trip to the ER she is ready for a long weekend of calm... THANK GOODNESS IT IS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND in 3 days it will start.. Mandie is doing a quiet family dinner skipping the whole let's all get together and eat ourselves into slumber..

Michelle is join the feast here, the kids all have a piece of the meal to prepare..and we will be doing movies this year..well we had a plan... the plumber will make or break our plans tomorrow...

Kory, you know you just have to say...he is who he is and we love him because of who he is.. I have had much less communication with him over the past year and this wonderful woman up Nor ht took the role ...she is a mom of a 6 year old... she is dealing with all of Kory's talents and not such talents.. Kory is Kory.. So I finally catch up to Kory to learn he and the girlfriend are moving in together.. they have found a home to start family life..He was picking up the key and had a lot of excitement in his voice. He shared it was a big house near the city but in the country.. all about where I grew up...He said 6 bedrooms and a full basement.. I added GREAT we can come crash for a winter vacation.. He said yes yes, we will have spare bedrooms for guests... I said well Kory we can crash in the basement and be out of the way... So here it goes.....Kory is Kory is Kory. Mom, no kids will be aloud in the basement, that is where the hot tub, bar pool table and STRIPPER POLE is.... yes, you know starting FAMILY LIFE... I have no idea who's family this boy grew up in....LOL If he didn't look so much like my mom I would accuse the hospital of switching him at birth, he can not be form my gene pool. Pool girl has a root awakening. He does give me a smile on my face and helps me understand why having him 1000 miles away keeps the long strong...LOL

Erin is in town continuing to move forward in her relation ship with her man.. she has had a long road in relationship building, the whole ups and downs of reality relationship and working through to the other side and surviving through it has been regarding and educational for her. I am so proud of all her effort, I know it is much easier to give up than working through tough relationships but the reward in the end is so worth it.... I can 't wait to share some down time with her and Lara over the holidays. The year passes so quickly being as busy as she is working and raising her daughter we see each other briefly time to time.

Josh is growing up quickly with the approaching child and he becoming a DAD a DAD, the role he seems to be embracing very responsibly. He has been working, saving to get into a home for the three of them before the birth, he has decided if it is a boy it is a Jr... his name sake, I am sure that is HUGE in his world of belonging. I am so proud of his maturity over the past year. April will be life changing for him and I am excited... picked up a bib...what happens at Grandmas stays at grandmas.. too cute. Most everything is made either for a boy or a girl so I need to wait a couple months to start shopping... He wants a boy so I secretly am praying he gets his boy although I know either will be fine once they lay eyes on one another.

Keirsten is days away from her 18th Birthday ... the good lord must have some sort of plan up his sleeve for this child... if not we are all in trouble. I will leave it at that... My frustration might seep through in ways I would rather it not...

Kaitlyn has Cheer comp. this Friday.. means I am driving back to Orlando on Friday like 5 am.. I pray everyone is at the mall ...who in their right mind chose black Friday to have a state wide cheer competition.. obviously, not a bargain shopper..and the day after Thanksgiving. really did they look at the calendar??? i would pay someone to take her at this point.

Steven is letting his hair grow out, slicking it to the side and wanting Sarah to spend the night... WATCH OUT..... he was too cute when asking if Sarah could spend the night and even had the bed (IN HIS ROOM) where she could sleep. you know the girls have girls sleep over, should be OK... NOT!.... he seemed a tad startled when I said no way...

Jordan was a riot today.. first I really wanted home made soup, Brocc/cheese so I started it this morning, in a slow cooker, the ck both, potatoes a couple carrots and broccoli with some spices, butter... so I put the lid on tight and ...I walk into the kitchen to find all the peels and a cup of pepper added... so I remove and rinse and start over..THANKS JORDAN.... we go to the grocery store to pick up cheese (doesn't wash well) and we take our time choose a couple Christmas movies, he chooses a new T shirt for the holidays, and at the check out he has to choose, put something back to get gum or no gum... I am busy and he blurts out HA HA HA I GOT GUM and starts going through the bags in the cart.. I look on the receipt and sure enough he tossed it up as the second to the last item.. I look up and at WALMART customer service is EMPTY... I said..Oh no it must be returned and we walked into returns and I had him tell why he has to return the gum...he did not have permission to put that on the belt and I paid all my money for it after I said no... He signed his name on the return slip J.P. told her he was sorry and we got our dollar six back his head hung low, he looked back at the gum and seemed SHOCKED no one was giving in.... He must have looked back five or six times and we exited the store, maybe he thought the gum would some how come after him?????

Tressa did her photos today for Christmas, too cute, she was excited. Thank goodness we got several bathes out of the way early today because someone stood on the outside sprocket and the pipe ripped and water is squirting out all over the place.$$$$$$ the dishwasher is almost done and laundry almost complete so the main water switch will go off until I get the plumber here in the morning. School tomorrow yeah, I need a 1/2 day yes, half days mon and tues then off Wed to next Monday... but this means 2 more early morning wake ups..YEAH!.

Lucas has been under the weather, his class had a terrible outbreak of chicken pox so I have kept him home and think I will until next Monday.. no sense in chancing it. He has had his shots but there were some pretty sick kids there... Whats 2 more 1/2 days...

Emma well she is a red headed fire cracker... growing and spoiled like no ones business.. she is fascinated in the lights bulbs and music this Holiday season is going to be so much fun with her.

Zoe, no one can believe how much she is walking, talking, progressing..she is a smart little girl and has so much drive...Where's Emma, Where's Emma and she says it so cute.

So there it is, my baby's .... now if Florida would have a slight cool spell because putting Christmas decorations up and in this heat is just dreadful.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elizabeth Anne Barrows | October 26, 2011 | Obituary


Kaitlyn is in her first year of cheerleading... She loves it.

Annual Holiday event underway


December 20th

Families in Area 8 with chilren who have disabilities

Grace Community Center
4151 Hancock Bridge Parkway
N. Fort. Myers, FL 33903

Check in open at 5:15pm (only registered guests please.)
Dinner is buffet style starting 5:45
Santa and Mrs Claus arrive 6:30~ each family has personal time with Santa
Gifts for all the children 14 yr and younger RSVP required for this reason.

Holiday attire suggested not required, photos available, Dancing via DJ
arts and crafts for the children and much much more


Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling into place

Since my face book seems so lop sided on Kaitlyn lately I thought a blog on all the children and our lives would be in order.

#1, yes we have been nominated for the gift Extreme Makeover Home edition with many local/ and beyond writing in for our family. THANK YOU ALL. It is a hurry up and wait to see process. I believe we have all beginning paperwork into be considered. I will not even begin to go into the world of change it would make for us...Life changing for sure.

Because nothing is a given we have had to do some repairs, a new air conditioner went in a couple weeks ago just at the time the weather broke to fall ...NICE, I continued with the attic being blown in insulation as they found bad ducts we patched and then the overall problem of not having AC in the family room continues since the contractor can not reasonably come to a solution to get duct work out the attic over the room and through a flat roof with no room to pull it through Joice's... sound like I know what I am talking about... well it has been one huge head ache a lot of money spent and the overall issue of 80 to 90 degrees during the summer in our family room IS NOT SOLVED. EXTREME MAKEOVER I am sure could solve that problem,,,and many more.. we will tackle one thing at a time.

Keirsten is weeks away from her 18th Birthday; one day it is a positive future plan with the next not Moms idea of positive but one can only pray... She has her good days and her not so good days.

Kaitlyn...well if you are a part of my facebook you know she has a loaded calendar and one BUSY High School freshman...and I could not be happier.

Steven also a freshman is doing well, he is now working at Marshall's 2 hours a day a couple of days a week. He helps them with stock, he is a great helper. Steven will be the first to help me at home, loves routine in chores and life. He is growing into a young man with great character.

Jordan is doing good this year, he has a new male para at school 1:1 which has taken him a bit to get use to the manly man attending vs the Motherly style the past paras have been. He still seeks to stay home often although not much of a chore to get him on the bus when reminded the weekend is coming.. kind of like most working adults. Jordan has lost nearly 35 lbs, grown taller LOOKS AMAZING!!! Cutting out junk food is the key.

Tressa is now in the third grade doing OK, making progress but falling more behind her class peers, I am struggling with how to get her the right help in the right school and right educational setting for Tressa. Even considering home school if the supports are in place.. She is a master at manipulation, OCD can get the best of her but when the pencil hits the paper and she is "on" she can do it. My dream would be for ADA to pass that Matrix funds could be filted to home schooling, all in my dream home of course but the funds that come with IEP supports I could hire a teacher for my children and provide QUALITY hands on education. BUT as far as I know today home school children do not get the funds to follow their need...seems so unfair to me since our schools are failing our children miserably. With that said, I do have a good school although funding cuts have hit ESE and I believe with the $$ they get that is driven for my child, if provided to the child it would be a world of difference. So she has also lost 11 lbs as the house hold has PCA in it now and that is a GREAT SUPPORT having two and sometimes 4 extra eyes..hands to help out. Tressa is an amazing child, what she retains in her mind is incredible, I need it all focused in the right direction to provide her a career and future.

Lucas, he is now in a social communication classroom which reports are coming about how intelligent he is.. YES HE IS... right now all that brain power is going haywire in some negative seeking directions but his master manipulative skills take lots of thought processing. He has mastered pulling the fire alarm with only split second opportunities which are planned NOT TO OCCUR... LOL needless to say on one of the hardest raining days his entire school had to evacuate the building out into the rain for a Lucas pull.. OUCH! Again fast a conference he say a child do this and within the hour he did it and has managed two more pulls since.. never had an interest until the lights, sirens, hotel went completely mad...(hysterical in his mind) so action vs reaction... works. Otherwise he continues to get so tall, learning and doing very well eating. His playground skills 100% and life is good for little Tibi who no one thought would amount to much... He is set out to prove much different.

Emma will be three in march, we just started her paperwork to transition into the public school although I am seeking a private smaller setting for her. My fear is that she is so oral and so very visual she will pich up every disgusting germ and behavior known to a big school campus. She is a quiet well behaved mommas girl with fire red/orange hair and a disposition to match. I LOVE HER JUST THE WAY SHE IS... she will have so much fire in life to achieve great things.

Zoe, the other two... she has been a Pringle for about a month, she is doing amazing things truly amazing.. Her speech is loaded with words, her tone has increased 10 fold and she is walking to push toys, talking for wants and you all didn't think it was perfect...she has a temper when she is asked to do a non preferred task LOOK OUT. She can scream, thrash her head and make a grown person say hmmm so we are working on behavior modification which comes with time ... she is learning it just doesn't work for her so no need to even go there. I did have her PT ask for a raise with my two 2 years old so strong willed and non complaint when they are here... both do all therapy tasks when not requested... I see Zoe as a leader, an achiever and for sure very inventive.

Some know we have been asked to expand our family one more time. So much is in the decision stages I can not share at this time although many things depend on many things... As soon as I am able to share more info I will... We are all doing well, planning for this holiday season, starting the Santa lists, planning a month vacation in July to be at the national Down syndrome NDSC in Washington DC for a complete education trip...and many other exciting things... November we are planning our Thanksgiving in Atlanta, the kids are excited. Christmas will be at home, and the new year will bring many new journey's for this Pringle crew...I am excited!

Friday, September 30, 2011

EXTREME MAKEOVER:HOME EDITION casting for our area for us if you wish
"Hopefully we all can change the lives of a Lee County family.-- Jeff"

Jeff Thieme, Casting Associate Producer
Extreme makeover: Home Edition
Tel: 818.824.9602
Fax: 818.824.9699

It is beyond words what this would mean for our family. Email me if you have any specific questions.

Emma and Zoe (Virtual twins).. 2 yrs old a week apart

Disney Dream provided thru MAKE A WISH

I have been quiet I know although it never means I have not been busy...I have to come out of denial and say I am more addicted to Face Book right now. Also some time blogging makes me face the fact my time is limited.

Since school has started I have taken a back seat to my high energy advocacy to watch exactly what happens when I back off.... well Kaitlyn came home last Thurs to tell me what a fun time she had doing puzzles at school, she did three. a cat, a dinosour and a spiderman puzzle.. I have yet to set a meeting as to how that relates to her IEP goals.. PUZZLES ARE FOR HOME and sleepovers not educatioanl HIGH SCHOOL settings. Ok, so many of my peeps know I have an addition.. Her name is Zoe and she is 2 years old with a disability I have no idea how I dove back into again BY CHOICE>.. Prader-willi syndrome and on top of that she also has Von willieburg syndrome... she is a twin and her Mother could not with all her might fall in love to bond. After several attempts to locate an experienced PWS mom to adopt this beautiful little girl the writing was on the wall and she is now here to stay..and... I have found my 9 years experience with Tressa has this journey off on a better ground..wisdom is grand. The journey will be full of ups and downs but I am a wiser PWS momma today and I feel itin my parenting of her already.

So from the top.... Kiersten continues to struggle with almost 18 and her desire to run away with the boyfriend to a fairy land of make believe, to lets take our meds get stable and function in this real world we wake up to .. depends on where she is in her program (bipolar) to how her thinking is...oh dear sweet child of mine, this is horrible as a teen with so much going on inside their bodies.. I am hated then loved in all of three minutes... I pray for a level of peace as she journey's to adulthood and can manage a stable base... pray for her she needs the worlds support.

Kaitlyn, well she is a riot, my High School girl who has so many aspirations. She is back playing the clarinet, in cheerleader, thinks she is Lucas' mom and loves with every ounce of her being having her big sister back in Florida. Michelle moved back to Florida in June which has been such a delight. Kaitlyn is very close with Michelle and missed her immensely while she was away.

Steven is still rocking the Mohawk, he has a girlfriend and is really moving into a very cool dude personality. I have a very hard time keeping girly trash tabloid magazines out of his room, Keirsten is forever searching for her Victoria Secrets catalog... LOL Teen age boys..

Jordan's wish came true and he went on his Disney Cruise.. He did not see much of Peter Pan although Jack Sparrow was at his beck and call one night with Goofy coming along to swipe beads and treasures from the pirate chest and wow did my children have Cpt Jacks back...Kaitlyn took a mighty swing to Goofy and Jordan hunted him down until the loot was returned.. The entire cruise on board the Disney Dream was a dream come true for Jordan. MAKE A WISH rocked that one.

Tressa is doing amazing on her weight, and PWS issues.. I am impressed even with the OCD lately although school has taken a back seat..Why is it she can manage either at home or at school and not both places.. I need her to focus and do well in school.. I signed up for this they well...they did but didn't so for her best interest I need her to fly right and school and do her best at home.. She is such a smart little girl and will make amazing goals in her life.

Lucas is moving forward each month ..He has been a miracle for sure.. I just love watching him manage through each activity, challenge and just life. he has so much going on although works hard to keep people on their toes as he can meticulously manipulate many with out them even realizing it. And walks away laughing..

Emma, she is continuing to hold out on the walking, I see 6 to 8 steps and then down she goes.. Her personality is electric and I just love my days with her.. She keeps me young.

Zoe .. She has been with us a short time.10 days ... about 6 before the honeymoon crash.. for those not in placements it is when they feel at home and test the waters/rules// see what their talents can get away with. She is tough but I am tougher so we have had a few battles of will and you betcha she gave in and put her toys away.. she stopped screaming for food, it is one day at a time. I am patient and persistent. I negotiate and have been to about every rodeo out there so bring it on.. I have experienced it at least once before...she is 2.. how hard can it be...Oh yeah but I have 2 two year olds... really it is keeping me young, life is great.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 2, loosing faith.....time to get things turned around.

A week into this school year and I have not even gotten the first meeting blog posted because things are not going well.....I am figuring to get the kids' education back on track it will require all the professionals MY PROFESSIONALS around the table and possibly getting Tallahassee back involved...It is now getting to the point it is blatant ignorance. Not following their IEP and using grey areas to use against educating my children to their needs. I am sad to have this happen after years of success but it is obvious... Their homework and some lack there of, the placements, conversations, and underhanded games being played to keep the kids secluded from general education and avoiding inclusion.. INCLUSION IS LAW and it might be time our county is held accountable... Building a tight very very tight IEP is on it's way, no more nice gal here.....

J.P.'s cruisewear

Local couple doing the shirts for us, THANK YOU. Email if you would like their contact info. They are just breaking into this business... makes any event more special.

Monday, August 8, 2011


now, what do I do???? The kids are off to school, the wash is started, dishes done, house well, that is an annual project.. it is the first day ya is cup of coffee is almost empty and my day is about to is too quiet, Emma is confused; she is sleeping...

Life seems to be flying by, I can not believe it is the first day of school. I feel like we just finished yesterday last year.. The summer did not give me enough time with the kids, can't wait for our cruise to enjoy non stop alone time, no phones, no meetings, no bills, nothing but fun in the sun.

Lee County (where we live) was named a high-performing district because it received an A grade from the state based on students' Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test results.The district chose the earlier start date so it can end the semester prior to the winter break, allowing students to wrap up exams and projects before they leave for two weeks

The weekend we spent getting things in order, check the lists to be sure all supplies where in book bags, clothes fit and everything is in order on their shelf. If there is anything I have done to get organized is their book bag/shoes/clothes for the day shelf by the front door is my life saver. Everything we need to get out the door is set out the day before and ready to go... We use this for family outings as well like if we have a Sunday event to be at we set it up ...

the kids lost weight (all but one/Kaitlyn) this summer; some of the clothes I had gotten did not fit..Jordan is our biggest looser this summer, her had bulked up giving even further concerns about his health but putting him on a strict 1200 cal day intake brought the pudgy boy back in line. YEAH! Now the one oppps this morning is he only has one shoe... yikes, they are not that old and special made for him..He has flat feet and angulation of his big toes causing all his toes to start moving inward. He has his high tops on for today (not special made) this is the direction of my day, dig for lost treasures...One black boys left shoe... maybe he dropeed it at the mall...LOL LOL LOL no, that can't be.

It is too quiet, I need to get up off this computer and do something......

Friday, August 5, 2011

GET OUT AND V O T E, it is our only hope.

You know it seemed like maybe not blogging allowed me to live in denial.. I am laughing as I type this but it sure makes me re-think my day when I share parts with you all and in doing so makes many things I encounter come to the surface for a re-boil... I am in the year 2011-2012 right?? We are moving forward in society correct?? Yes yes I know we are in a bit of a depression, they call it recession but my generation this is as bad as it gets, our friends are homeless, many people we know are out of work with terribly high college loans calling while they can't figure out how to put a meal on the table. No, we are not in the desert with tumble weeds blowing over our dehydrated bodies, with cowboys and lone rangers riding up horseback but sure seems like it when you see families walking from the homeless shelters about town trying to fill their day and news reporters rolling by...all the same we feel the drain of the economy as many did in the 30's.. BUT my goodness, turn the corner and there ya go..... you know where this is going, Chevron, GE and all those tax breaks, loop holes folks not paying taxes but getting political forums right where they want them, while they go home to their over 6 figure incomes ---Don't get me wrong, JUST PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE....should make us all want to GET OUT AND VOTE.

What good is getting rights when they can not and are not being given.....who is enforcing them.....

OK, you want to know what the heck happened today...

Today SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 at our local school a teacher very proud to be a new member of the faculty introduces herself as the new HANDICAP teacher.... YEPPERS....
H A N D I C A P.... my beloved school has taken a couple steps back which I was warned a few years ago from Dr Jill England who so graciously came to my aide and met with our school to help give inclusion direction...only to learn our district has stacked the deck against the possibility of an INCLUSIVE SCHOOL being inclusive because the number of ESE children being railroaded into one school out weighs normal balances and makes the school itself NO INCLUSIVE by population... OH MY!! Oh I am not surprised.. I will take responsibility for a small piece of the problem. I did brag to the heavens what a great school it is what a wonderful job they did including Kaitlyn and how much Kaitlyn achieved because of this schools inclusive practices... but those are slipping.... and things are not so wonderful..better than others by far. I heard a new teacher who is in the Pre-K say oh I am in the LIFESKILLS CLASS...LIFE SKILLS at 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old...HELLO ....Aren't all 3 to 6 year old learning life's skills (COLORS, NUMBERS, NAME, SHAPES) INCLUSIVE LIFESKILLS....come on cut it out... leave off life skills... such nonsense. Oh yes I have already; many years ago, been bombarded by the assigned bulldog teacher who comes to the IEP to inform the young families that school is way different today kids are reading complete chapter books starting first grade... HOG WASH, some yes are some always have been and a good part of the general population fails the FCAT gets 1 & 2's and slips through the cracks... A HUGE AMOUNT OF OUR POPULATION classified Gen ed getting 1's and 2's on the FCAT have fallen through the cracks. SO stop labeling kids and teach, I remember learning so much from the smart kids where it came easy for them...I remember them helping me learn some short cuts for math, how to win over the social studies teacher with news clips and current events, They made class interesting, then you had the person who made a lesser grade than you and they needed you.. we were peers, students, friends, peers, neighbors... Heck they are some of the most meaningful relationship I ever had. Where is Education gone? Only teach the ones it comes easy for?? I remember some super teachers who I couldn't wait to get to their class because they made learning so interesting, exciting... and yes I had a few that I am not sure they even liked teaching. You must know what I learned more of..From...
Tonight I struggle with my oldest, well my two oldest (at home) although Kaitlyn is my girl the one I learned so much from and want to be there for here to the end. She wants to be a teacher, she wants to work, have a job, pay her own bills and buy her own things, she wants her own apartment and I know when it hits her she is going to want to buy a house with a pool near the beach. I want her to reach as far as she can... I struggle with all the work I put into an IEP and give an inch and they take a mile... I say OK lets use resource classrooms and now she is ONLY in ESE complete classes...Well where is the % what does it mean (more than 40%, but less than or equal to 79% with NON ESE) Lets figure it out... All but her one class is NON ESE and that is a block schedule so only every other day.... REALLY REALLY do you expect her to meet friends who are NON ESE for lunch... WHO is monitoring that?? OH this gives them the right to count because under the roof is NON ESE... NOT IN MY CALCULATIONS... Let's figure the 79% out....the HALLS??? THE BATHROOM??? Please the boil is rising... Time for an IEP at the HIGH SCHOOL TO MEET MRS. PRINGLE and all you condescending people who I have not had the pleasure of working with yet, CUT THE SHIT ..... it is my daughter we are talking about. It is what SHE WANTS!!! She is an AMERICAN, she is 16, she is in HIGH SCHOOL, and she wants to be in the seat next to her PEERS... cut the crap about the law ...BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT THE LAW SAYS... today the ESE staff said, well if you want her to get a special diploma she by law must take this and that... I. E. P. PRINGLE STYLE please....SUNNY SIDE UP!!! I say let's just EDUCATE. VOTE VOTE board members, city, county, state and USA....get leaders who lead in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Personal interactions equals, EDUCATION

Today Tressa and Kaitlyn educate a small population of future educators and medical professionals. As students from our local community college prepare to enter FGCU in Ft Myers they celebrate their completion of 2 years of education preparing (AA) Today Kaitlyn and Tressa join the class as part of a meet and greet; their future students/patients. Each of the students are seeking futures working with persons with disabilities. They have gotten basic text book learning about these individuals, heading to learn about teaching and medical through TEXT BOOKS; today they will have faces and personalities which will balance the playing field going in...make it personal...make it NORMAL. Many students had NO IDEA that enrolling my children with special needs into school was any different than enrolling any neighborhood child. Many had NO IDEA that children age 6 would have had an IQ test. They had no idea children would be tested to figure out what class they would fall into. My explanation as a parents view, why I feel so strong not to place my children in group settings with all people in that setting disabled was very informative to them. They "got it" but also admit their training is not geared to my views of inclusion in their upcoming training from what they are hearing. They are choosing a path...teacher or special education teacher... HOW CAN THIS BE in 2011-2012. How can law say one thing and our higher education for learning still be giving instruction back in the 70's.... You know in the 70's is when "inclusion" "mainstreaming" was coming to the surface to be what is best for all children.. we can work on the typical child with stereotypes, prejudices and also include the child that NEEDS to be included to meet their highest potential. I hope today starts their thinking about their path a little differently.

My personal belief is we were clicking along to make that reality and then the boom of Autism occurred and the school system became overwhelmed and fled a safe path, a path a resistance to all.... BLOCK THEM AT THE DOOR like back in the 50's... Change is hard for Humans, change is hard for all living things.. no one said life is easy. I challenge anyone to walk in the shoes of any one of my children for one week to learn how easy life is compared... I often say "I wish I could spend time in Steve's world" He seems so care free, so pure...reality is, he is in this world ALONE without help, if I were to let Steven be at his own will he would be alone, pouring water or sand endlessly... He would never know there are bigger more exciting attractions in our world, that the magazines he so loved to flip through actually have words and meaning ..a story and information. Learning opens our world. I really would never want to be secluded from the friends, world I have open to me...and I know my children are happy that they also have their world open to them. I do not ask Kaitlyn if she wants to be a greeter at Walmart or a bagger at Publix, many times I hear this from the professionals..You know Kaitlyn will be able to be a greeter at Walmart or a bagger at Publix...YOU KNOW WHAT... Kaitlyn can file, copy, fax, clean like no one I know so she could very well work in an office, she is 16 and I will not project anything less than the sky for my children.. We need all the folks that work with or for our children raise their expectations, see the world OPEN to accepting my children, they need higher goals, higher realities...Everyone has a place and no one should be blocked from reaching their goals..
Please do not send hate mail about greeter and baggers, I am full aware there are happy individuals in those positions, I simply say that is not Kaitlyn's goal and no one should say because she has a disability that is her goal... I am a supporter of both and all companies because there are many who hire people with disabilities when many others do not.. KUDDOS to all those who have opened the world already.

I am excited for this small group of individuals, they all have my business card with an invite to hop on the blog, join my facebook and email or call at any time as they journey through the next years for a parents perspective.