Thursday, January 3, 2013


I want to share a moment which derived from the years my older children have worked for me and make our daily lives enriched with sibling pranks pros and cons but sibling love 100%.

When the kids were reaching teen years years and recognized there is no "Father" here, no one showed up at the Fathers night movies, when Father came up it was mom to the rescue..  Well part of Mandie's plan was to be sure the kids knew how to protect themselves from stranger part of her lessons she taught the children that if asked about their Dad they would respond My Dad is a police officer.  Yes, this seemed harmless tale telling (he is by far not) therefore years have passed it has come up a few times when Kaitlyn was preparing to go to public dances she knew to say if in trouble my parents will be coming and my dad is a police officer.....if a boy put his hand on her rear end she responded; do not touch me, my dad is a police officer...not sure why the tale wasn't my Mom is a world wrestler but that was Mandie's doing. 

So fast forward to last night.......  AT approx. 6:30 pm when my life begins decent into the night time routine we decide to break the routine and head to Target for we heard there are $5.00 bathing suits that we need to cover large teen hind ends.  The Justice suits just do not offer enough coverage for my 18 yr olds.  SO knowing full well this is not my best decision....but we are ALL....ALL 12 children, yes we have two grand kids with us....going to Target.

As we enter the store Jordan spots this 6foot plus very dark man in a police uniform , immediately he VERY LOUDLY informs Kaitlyn "Dad is here"   yes he sure did not once but with giggles, jumps excitement television craves to capture.... This guy had no idea what was about to happen.  I quickly divert Jordan to the cart to push Emma, be my helper...but the swim suits are right there, three feet from this innocent police officer.  Jordan is beside himself (it is meds time)  so this man acknowledges him....."hey son, how was your Christmas" or something....All I heard was son...... I know it is used widely by men talking to young boys but now, right now this could not have been more awkward... Jordan turns with a spin and a huge grin and says to all of us "see that's my Dad"  Kaitlyn is looking at this man like OK, he is a police officer but nothing is ringing any memory for her and she has minimal memory.  She is willing to join in the party feeling of this reunion of sort...LOL  Michelle and I are in hysteria hoping not to wet ourselves from holding deep laughter...I had only wished this happened while they were in Mandie's care.... So the man now has figured out what Jordan is saying and trying to avoid us.... I get Jordan to go to the back of the store and things calm.... I try to talk to him about how many police officers there are in the city....his response "but not my Dad"   we manage to avoid any more contact until we are completely checked out and Jordan screams across the store "BYE DAD" about four times.....  so now do I get photos of the real "Dad" out but then the whole story follows...and not really feeling they will ever understand divorce and loss of parental we move on....and I will continue to shop at Walmart..LOL