Thursday, January 3, 2013

I wanted to share our family update and most importantly the latest IEP...

Kaitlyn is 17 yrs old now, can not even believe it for a minute. SHe is in her final months of her freshman in High School years. Her favorite classes are American Sign Language, Band (clarinet) and Drama. She is in the band concert this spring and also a role in the annual school play this year Beauty and the Beast. She is in charge of sewing 12 aprons for the set, she started on them this weekend. She is confused on why they are asking for boring white cheap looking aprons when she makes beautifull colorful ones with ruffles and color fabric. Kaitlyn just traveled to Tallahassee with the family for Developmental Disabilities Day and made 5 appointments wth Senators and Representatives. Most of the meetings went remarkbly well. She will be meetingwith the local reps in March for more detailed discussin on the shortfals i Kailtyn's future if cuts continue and door shut..and most importantly opening a couple from laws set into motion not understadin large families like ours.. meaning it is law that siblings can not live together and no more than 3 for supported living or supported employment so our long term plans of keeping their home and family if they choose is taken away from their options an them forced into a much higher costing living situation "not theirs" so we have some word changing to do. Kaitlyn is looking forward to her sef advocate role in the summer for National NDSC. Going to washington DC (grants) to attend will once again be life changing for her. Each time she learns so much more about her abilities. Kailtyn also spent a couple days with her birth mom andthat is always the highlight of any get together.

Steven is in love andwill meltat the mention of "her name" too cute. He is lettin his hair grow so no mohowk right now..h is trying to take over Justi Beibers network at this time.. Steven continus to love school, the experiences he is getting from going out into the community on CBI (community based instruction) are highlights for him. He is also in charge of Birthday cakes for his class. I on the other hand am having to remind myself of "shaving" Steven or the facil hair is all over... a young man for sure.

Jordan is having some health issues which are setting off morenegative behaviors. I hope soon the medications bring his blood levels within range and he can feel better. He continues to loose weight as this all plays a role on him daily. School has been understanding and supprtive. He remains fully included in ge ed classes with his paraprofessional helping ward off isues..

Tressa is flying on clouds as she is acouple days way from a birth family visit and she can not wait to have her special time. She has been struggling with he PWS issues and I hope this helps calm her anxiety.