Thursday, January 3, 2013

The end of 2011-2012 school year brings on the summer activities and sleep in a bit. Kaitlyn finished her first year of High School with all the bells and whistles. She was in the school play, played the clarinet in the end of the year concert. She got good grades, making strides in American sign language (general education) and her many new friends rave about her. Her year book shows the love support she has not only with Seniors who have given her strong wings to fly solo with but many under classmen who see her as their peer and also protect her as a little sister. Kaitlyn is completely focused on Disney world and camp. Our annual trip to Family cafe in Orlando where we meet up with (annual family) Families around the state who come together one weekend a year to arm themselves with information and ideas to get through another year with success in parenting children with so many needs with enormous deficits in every .. Steven the honor roll freshman year dude and shaving now has so many positives from being promoted socially to High School, skipping eith grade totally; best move I have ever donw for him... He has grown into an ingrediable young man. Swimming like a champ. He is looking forward to transition into the work force and moving into the boys dorm (group home of men with Down syndrome in Cape Coral) He has his sights on the "good life". He has plans to work in a garden company watering all their plans keeping everything in order and growing.. bieng 15 he has solid goals for a solid future. Alyssa is making progress every moment of every day... so many fears to work through but each day one more conquered... took over a year to get her home but she is here and all has been a mush smoother transition than we could have prayed for. The weeks have been sorting meds, making life for her a bit more inclusive and not sedated.. she is alrert more now and able to talk, share do puzzles, play as siblings do, swim, she is actually doing many word games showing us she knows so much more than she has let anyone know she could for a very long time. Abuse memories are deep and create many fears so one day at a time I push through and love her through each step...I give it yet another year to be on the playing field of "keeping up with the Pringle kids" but she will get there I am totally sure of that. Jordan is adjusting to the aditions of girls creeping out of control in our household...He has his music as his salvation, he must know every Disney song out there. He remaines fully included in genera education classes entering the fifth grade this year and lord only knows my plan for after fifth so we are taking this year with everything we can. He continues to struggle with learning although is getting more and more socially appropriate as we enter into puberty (YIKES IS RIGHT) He has fantastic male role models at school (Para professional)and home (PCA) His health contiues to be of high priority as I do everything to keep him stable. He is swimmg like a fish looking into many Speciall Olympics activities at this point. Tressa has another year of schooling behind her, she is fully included on the General Education track to receeive a Full education credit diploma which she has to work hard at. her attention span is second to her OCD issues which continue to test her every day tasks. She has managed to be PERFECT in height and weight again this year, right on the money line, brought her speciallist to tears. She is doing fantastic in daily exercize. She has some social needs in that she feels many of the Disney shows are "real life" and talks to the general public about what she sees on TV like it is a real life event she was part of or they are her "friends" so we have some more joinging to do to expand her circle of friends in the real life which for her is hard with all the quirks OCD has put upon her. We are so very proud of how hard life is for Tressa yet she meets it head on. Lucas, he is amazing, has come so far since June 2008. His emotions are still a work in progress, he is in a social communication classrooom which has brought him alog and we have many hopes to gain so much more, he speaks simple requests, has many signs and is more "normal than not" He steals everyone's heart when he meets folks in the community. He continuesto remain a small staure so more tests with Endo but he is doing amazingly well. Emma, she started pre-K broke my heart but she is loving school. She is excited to ride the bus, get to school and is excited to see me when she gets home so that helps my issues...yes my issues. Emma is doing a lot of side line play at school but comes home and role plays for me everything she saw at school. It is so cute to see her play with purpose and she walks with her hands to the side.