Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling into place

Since my face book seems so lop sided on Kaitlyn lately I thought a blog on all the children and our lives would be in order.

#1, yes we have been nominated for the gift Extreme Makeover Home edition with many local/ and beyond writing in for our family. THANK YOU ALL. It is a hurry up and wait to see process. I believe we have all beginning paperwork into be considered. I will not even begin to go into the world of change it would make for us...Life changing for sure.

Because nothing is a given we have had to do some repairs, a new air conditioner went in a couple weeks ago just at the time the weather broke to fall ...NICE, I continued with the attic being blown in insulation as they found bad ducts we patched and then the overall problem of not having AC in the family room continues since the contractor can not reasonably come to a solution to get duct work out the attic over the room and through a flat roof with no room to pull it through Joice's... sound like I know what I am talking about... well it has been one huge head ache a lot of money spent and the overall issue of 80 to 90 degrees during the summer in our family room IS NOT SOLVED. EXTREME MAKEOVER I am sure could solve that problem,,,and many more.. we will tackle one thing at a time.

Keirsten is weeks away from her 18th Birthday; one day it is a positive future plan with the next not Moms idea of positive but one can only pray... She has her good days and her not so good days.

Kaitlyn...well if you are a part of my facebook you know she has a loaded calendar and one BUSY High School freshman...and I could not be happier.

Steven also a freshman is doing well, he is now working at Marshall's 2 hours a day a couple of days a week. He helps them with stock, he is a great helper. Steven will be the first to help me at home, loves routine in chores and life. He is growing into a young man with great character.

Jordan is doing good this year, he has a new male para at school 1:1 which has taken him a bit to get use to the manly man attending vs the Motherly style the past paras have been. He still seeks to stay home often although not much of a chore to get him on the bus when reminded the weekend is coming.. kind of like most working adults. Jordan has lost nearly 35 lbs, grown taller LOOKS AMAZING!!! Cutting out junk food is the key.

Tressa is now in the third grade doing OK, making progress but falling more behind her class peers, I am struggling with how to get her the right help in the right school and right educational setting for Tressa. Even considering home school if the supports are in place.. She is a master at manipulation, OCD can get the best of her but when the pencil hits the paper and she is "on" she can do it. My dream would be for ADA to pass that Matrix funds could be filted to home schooling, all in my dream home of course but the funds that come with IEP supports I could hire a teacher for my children and provide QUALITY hands on education. BUT as far as I know today home school children do not get the funds to follow their need...seems so unfair to me since our schools are failing our children miserably. With that said, I do have a good school although funding cuts have hit ESE and I believe with the $$ they get that is driven for my child, if provided to the child it would be a world of difference. So she has also lost 11 lbs as the house hold has PCA in it now and that is a GREAT SUPPORT having two and sometimes 4 extra eyes..hands to help out. Tressa is an amazing child, what she retains in her mind is incredible, I need it all focused in the right direction to provide her a career and future.

Lucas, he is now in a social communication classroom which reports are coming about how intelligent he is.. YES HE IS... right now all that brain power is going haywire in some negative seeking directions but his master manipulative skills take lots of thought processing. He has mastered pulling the fire alarm with only split second opportunities which are planned NOT TO OCCUR... LOL needless to say on one of the hardest raining days his entire school had to evacuate the building out into the rain for a Lucas pull.. OUCH! Again fast a conference he say a child do this and within the hour he did it and has managed two more pulls since.. never had an interest until the lights, sirens, hotel went completely mad...(hysterical in his mind) so action vs reaction... works. Otherwise he continues to get so tall, learning and doing very well eating. His playground skills 100% and life is good for little Tibi who no one thought would amount to much... He is set out to prove much different.

Emma will be three in march, we just started her paperwork to transition into the public school although I am seeking a private smaller setting for her. My fear is that she is so oral and so very visual she will pich up every disgusting germ and behavior known to a big school campus. She is a quiet well behaved mommas girl with fire red/orange hair and a disposition to match. I LOVE HER JUST THE WAY SHE IS... she will have so much fire in life to achieve great things.

Zoe, the other two... she has been a Pringle for about a month, she is doing amazing things truly amazing.. Her speech is loaded with words, her tone has increased 10 fold and she is walking to push toys, talking for wants and you all didn't think it was perfect...she has a temper when she is asked to do a non preferred task LOOK OUT. She can scream, thrash her head and make a grown person say hmmm so we are working on behavior modification which comes with time ... she is learning it just doesn't work for her so no need to even go there. I did have her PT ask for a raise with my two 2 years old so strong willed and non complaint when they are here... both do all therapy tasks when not requested... I see Zoe as a leader, an achiever and for sure very inventive.

Some know we have been asked to expand our family one more time. So much is in the decision stages I can not share at this time although many things depend on many things... As soon as I am able to share more info I will... We are all doing well, planning for this holiday season, starting the Santa lists, planning a month vacation in July to be at the national Down syndrome NDSC in Washington DC for a complete education trip...and many other exciting things... November we are planning our Thanksgiving in Atlanta, the kids are excited. Christmas will be at home, and the new year will bring many new journey's for this Pringle crew...I am excited!