Friday, September 30, 2011

I have been quiet I know although it never means I have not been busy...I have to come out of denial and say I am more addicted to Face Book right now. Also some time blogging makes me face the fact my time is limited.

Since school has started I have taken a back seat to my high energy advocacy to watch exactly what happens when I back off.... well Kaitlyn came home last Thurs to tell me what a fun time she had doing puzzles at school, she did three. a cat, a dinosour and a spiderman puzzle.. I have yet to set a meeting as to how that relates to her IEP goals.. PUZZLES ARE FOR HOME and sleepovers not educatioanl HIGH SCHOOL settings. Ok, so many of my peeps know I have an addition.. Her name is Zoe and she is 2 years old with a disability I have no idea how I dove back into again BY CHOICE>.. Prader-willi syndrome and on top of that she also has Von willieburg syndrome... she is a twin and her Mother could not with all her might fall in love to bond. After several attempts to locate an experienced PWS mom to adopt this beautiful little girl the writing was on the wall and she is now here to stay..and... I have found my 9 years experience with Tressa has this journey off on a better ground..wisdom is grand. The journey will be full of ups and downs but I am a wiser PWS momma today and I feel itin my parenting of her already.

So from the top.... Kiersten continues to struggle with almost 18 and her desire to run away with the boyfriend to a fairy land of make believe, to lets take our meds get stable and function in this real world we wake up to .. depends on where she is in her program (bipolar) to how her thinking is...oh dear sweet child of mine, this is horrible as a teen with so much going on inside their bodies.. I am hated then loved in all of three minutes... I pray for a level of peace as she journey's to adulthood and can manage a stable base... pray for her she needs the worlds support.

Kaitlyn, well she is a riot, my High School girl who has so many aspirations. She is back playing the clarinet, in cheerleader, thinks she is Lucas' mom and loves with every ounce of her being having her big sister back in Florida. Michelle moved back to Florida in June which has been such a delight. Kaitlyn is very close with Michelle and missed her immensely while she was away.

Steven is still rocking the Mohawk, he has a girlfriend and is really moving into a very cool dude personality. I have a very hard time keeping girly trash tabloid magazines out of his room, Keirsten is forever searching for her Victoria Secrets catalog... LOL Teen age boys..

Jordan's wish came true and he went on his Disney Cruise.. He did not see much of Peter Pan although Jack Sparrow was at his beck and call one night with Goofy coming along to swipe beads and treasures from the pirate chest and wow did my children have Cpt Jacks back...Kaitlyn took a mighty swing to Goofy and Jordan hunted him down until the loot was returned.. The entire cruise on board the Disney Dream was a dream come true for Jordan. MAKE A WISH rocked that one.

Tressa is doing amazing on her weight, and PWS issues.. I am impressed even with the OCD lately although school has taken a back seat..Why is it she can manage either at home or at school and not both places.. I need her to focus and do well in school.. I signed up for this they well...they did but didn't so for her best interest I need her to fly right and school and do her best at home.. She is such a smart little girl and will make amazing goals in her life.

Lucas is moving forward each month ..He has been a miracle for sure.. I just love watching him manage through each activity, challenge and just life. he has so much going on although works hard to keep people on their toes as he can meticulously manipulate many with out them even realizing it. And walks away laughing..

Emma, she is continuing to hold out on the walking, I see 6 to 8 steps and then down she goes.. Her personality is electric and I just love my days with her.. She keeps me young.

Zoe .. She has been with us a short time.10 days ... about 6 before the honeymoon crash.. for those not in placements it is when they feel at home and test the waters/rules// see what their talents can get away with. She is tough but I am tougher so we have had a few battles of will and you betcha she gave in and put her toys away.. she stopped screaming for food, it is one day at a time. I am patient and persistent. I negotiate and have been to about every rodeo out there so bring it on.. I have experienced it at least once before...she is 2.. how hard can it be...Oh yeah but I have 2 two year olds... really it is keeping me young, life is great.