Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear Birth Mother,
This letter brings us together in such bitter sweet moments of a journey neither of us can completely predict. If you lived near me it would be a totally different meet and greet as I shared with you all the supports and services available to you if you wish to try to raise this unexpected bundle. I would be your support; go to person from this day forward as you parented your child. Today, your emotions must be all over the place and completely understandable. I am the Mom of children who have Down syndrome through adoption. The unexpected delivery of a baby who has Down syndrome makes you question many things in life, it has come to a point you have chosen adoption as your option and I am open and available to meet your needs. We can share in the life of your child forever or for now, from near or far. I have some parents who follow the journey only via the internet (facebook/blog) and some who come to Florida to vacation and we do face to face visits. The children have extended love and feel blessed from the large family they have.
Me, I was born into a large family, my parents have been married forever and are today alive, well and live about 2 hours from me. I grew up in central Illinois with your basic upper middle class experiences. Raised Catholic I have solid believes in God, his forgiveness and love have been my rock. I moved to Florida in 1988, have chosen the life of social work and today am a parent to children with special needs. My focus is full inclusion. It is proven that children with Down syndrome can achieve a much higher quality of life when given opportunities throughout their lifespan. I have a 17 year old as my mentor, she has Down syndrome, is in her freshman year of High School. She plays the clarinet, is in the school play, is an amazing ball player. She sits next to her typical peers in education. She is popular on campus, attends the Homecoming dances and school activities. I believe she has taught me more about life and love than I have her. The children in my home are all achieving their highest potential from my devotion to parent and strength to advocate for all their needs.
I have a team of professionals that come into my home to teach OT, PT and speech, our home appears like a middle class home in a quiet neighborhood; has closets full of activities to enhance the abilities of my children. I use Bush Gardens and Disney world as high energy stimulating environments to achieve more communication and reward for their hard work. We travel to many conferences about their disability so that I have up to date information on ways for them to gain independence. It is not all ,it is tons of fun, they love music all have ipod or Mp3 players, we have dance off’s on Saturday nights where they try to outdo their siblings latest and greatest dance moves.
The future is bright, Kaitlyn wishes to purchase a Duplex after High School to use as income producing property and offer supported living for herself and some friends like her. The kids all have independent goals in life to have jobs, have homes of their own and me as a solid advocate for their supports and services.
I would enjoy talking with you about all your hopes and dreams for your child and we can plan from those, yours needs included. Love and prayers to you as you move through this moast important decision. (((HUGS)))) Mary