Friday, July 29, 2011

Action Plan 2012.......ignite the torch

INCLUSION, you all know my fight to include my children is priority. I had some wonderful years in Elementary school including the kids..INCLUSION means that my children are not secluded to another area because of their is being a person like all others.. BUT in the school system they simply do not understand this passion at all.. You see even though some very in depth, expensive completely factual research proved that children with down syndrome should and will succeed in classrooms that are general education settings with the person who has Down syndrome being the ONLY child in the classroom with a disability. THAT IS INCLUSION, in the real would one person with a disability in every 20 so why would a classroom of 20 have any more than one in there that has a disability. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. So now I learn that i have been conned..yep that IA which I was told the past three years is for the children who score a 1 or 2 on their FCAT and need extra help. I learn now the IA is the old VE VARIED ACCEPTIONALITIES and that all students in the IA setting are ALL IEP students varied ages 14 to 22 and THEY CLUSTER 9th to 12th grade INCLUSIVE IS THAT??? REALLY??? Come on, so my tiny freshman is in class all day with a senior boy(S) How is that NORMAL...INCLUSIVE in my opinion it is a bad situation waiting to happen. REALLY is that a safe place and REALLY WHAT ARE THEY LEARNING...REALLY. So how is this happening when the LAW IS CLEAR..INCLUSION IS LAW, that the least restrictive environment is the LAW and if that does not work with all the supports and services in place something less can be put on the table for discussion NOT JUST A GIVEN... Where do the officials think they are helping our future.. Do they really believe breaking the law is OK for them?? How is it so wide spread and why is it so under the table.... CRAP I SAY!! If I had some funds I would pay an attorney to take this on...CAN I SAY IA my A**! CLUSTER is the word THEY are CLUSTERING KIDS 9th to 12th grade...REALLY... COME ON!!! So I have a much bigger job than I ever imagined... and it is stewing to figure out my plan of action. I can not continue to sit here saying Liars Liars PANTS on FIRE...ACTION is my plan... yes, I am drafting an ACTION PLAN.