Sunday, July 24, 2011

School August 8th the journey continues

It has been a long time since I posted for many reason but the most disturbing was a letter from my ex husband that stated he is having people get information off my blog about my children. You see he made a choice in life to make it impossible to have any relationship with the children. He resides in a Florida prison for a child crime unthinkable. it was not during the time I had anything to do with him and after the divorce and after the courts had stopped his visits with the children so they were safe ...BUT never the less he is to have no contact with them and I will when his release time comes near file for a lifetime restraining order but the fact that some human would violate my right to have a safe secure home for my children rocked me to the core..To believe there are people out there that would violate my children took me to my knees..The fact one day I loved a man who really was no one I knew. I pray the person feels some sort of remorse.

I think the best way again is to start from the top.
Mandie is back to work but not for me. She is working full time in the world of disabilities as a supported living coach and supportive employment coach. She is loving the new role of helping people with disabilities find their abilities in life and their communities. She is natural. Her baby girl is growing up fast as are her two boys. She and her husband are busy working and love life. they plan to take a vacation in the fall on a cruise..We love cruising.

Michelle has just returned to Florida. She had moved to GA when the housing market went bust here and she was in the market industry but now is moving back to medical and working fro me in the house as a PCA for the children.. I wma very much enjoying Michelle back in my life especially my grandson. Her relationship is strong and the entire family hopefully will be in Florida by years end. It needs to be a safe secure move so taking the time to make it right.

Kory is in Illinois working on a farm, he loves the Independence and seems to enjoy being a big part of my brothers life in racing. Kory is single not in any serious relationship although he lives like a 21 year old; growing up one day, just not tomorrow.. LOL

Erin is living in the Cape, she has been struggling with kidney stones which have caused her great pain this past year. Her daughter did wonderful in school. She is in a new relationship which appears to make her glo.

Josh is in Illinois as well, he is working in the factory world getting back to college and making life long plans, he is in a new relationship although

Keirsten is 17 and a half now, she is making little progress on making plans for INDEPENDANCE, so she is more than likely NOT moving out the day she turns 18 as she has so threatened for a couple years. LOL

Kaitlyn starts HIGH SCHOOL in a couple weeks and it seems impossible!! She is super excited. She will attend some events at the school this week to help get use to the campus. She is going school shopping with her sister this week, she is very very happy to have her big sister Michelle back in her life.

Steven is entering High school, he did not get into the same school as Kaitlyn so he will be out on his own AGAIN.... I wish they could keep the kids in the same schools.. GOOD SCHOOLS. he is not excited at all because he really doesn't seem to be motivated so I need to help him choose a talent area, like his art and get him into some good art activities.

Jordan, he is getting a new para this year, a male and a male teacher so this year is going to be exciting. I am going to have a whole lot of work cut out for me because his last para was motivated to be a teacher and continued education as her choice .. I can not wait to meet these guys and see where this journey leads.. Jordan has been a little needy this summer and is going on anti day at a time.

Tressa my million piece puzzle in the game called life.. LIFE... between tween years and PWS and OC .. wow she has taken me to levels of parenting I knew nothing about... we are doing well, she has had some studies this summer, her medical is amazing. I will attach the research studies completed that she is in. We entered many more and will yet another in October.

Lucas, the boy has grown like a weed this summer.. TALL.