Sunday, May 9, 2010


I first wish to THANK the women who chose me to Mother their child. Each and everyone of you hold a special place in my heart. THANK YOU!

This year we chose to take advantage of a great deal in a local (Naples) hotel. It was an amazing gift for such a low price... You know when you think you are getting a deal off line you often hold your breath as checking in.. Pleasantly surprised we had amply if not more room there than home..LOL I know the TV room was much bigger... we spent the majority of time in the pool (our favorite family activity) then the workout center was PERFECT, something for most all who can to do weight machines, cycles, treadmills etc.. A TV for those who couldn't and a bathroom connected.. healthy fun... and breakfast on the hotel...YES! the whole experience was just family centered.

Let me back up... Friday the kids had dentist appointments; most of them (all but Kaitlyn and Tressa) It went as expected. Keirsten got a good check, then they call Jordan... anxiety rose through the roof as he bolted out the front of their office.. I get him back in but there was no cleaning going on that day.. I need to have him solo and use every manipulative skill in my body and bribe to the heavens to get his teeth cleaned..parenting skills 1000 He told the Dentist he wanted a trip to Disney world..LOL yes I do realize I brought this on myself but if we time it right we can fulfill that wish in July.. Di I change the May 19th cleaning to July?? let's see how the 19th goes. Should I save his nighttime meds to morning????? HHHHHhhhmmm... well Steven's teeth are more than perfect (the one with perfect eyes as well) Lucas screamed and bolted but being 6 we were able to capture & secure to check his teeth, just keep cleaning at home so he is not traumatized, we are holding off the drill style cleanings. So it is Jordan.. the one with the weakest teeth that didn't even sit in the chair..

Saturday we got up early ate and headed to the ball field. The kids played ball with the Miracle Base Ball players, well here again, anxiety rose and Jordan bolted.. out to the parking lot and he wanted to go to a restaurant for a drink of soda. The boy thinks of the strangest requests in times of stress. Any way he went to the van with Mandie, Lucas and Emma for a movie and some juice. At the time the event was near ending he wanted to join in and was having a grand time.. go figure. He is not good at sportsmanship. He believes he is Michael JORDAN, You know he is a pro right off the a play on words. When he misses a ball he looses it and walks off to the point her can not pull himself together.. He is all personality too like he is hot Sh-- like goofing off at the plate, making the pros laugh then taunting them with his finger as if to be saying come on come and get it... and then pretends to stretch with the bat in his arms as they are ready to pitch the ball to him.. Only a video camera could capture the true humor in it all but me...I know he is moments away from loosing his emotions because with all his goofy actions he is not going to make contact with the ball. And that is what happens.... he tears off his shoes and goes to the bleachers... IGNORE... PLEASE IGNORE...... but not at events where the people who put it on want everyone to have a good time.... he is covered in attention. YIKES for next year.

We finish at about 12:30 and head to Naples for the Down syndrome meeting. I am putting on a meeting hosted by a Naples mom focused on birth to 3 parenting a child with Down syndrome. It is beautiful. New mommies nursing their baby's and everyone sharing stories, phone numbers shared= building friendships in their ever busy lives. I have a volunteer to take over the Naples area hospitals for our newborn packet hand outs. EXCITING. The kids are restless after hyped from the game, getting a signed ball and certificate of achievement then a celebration lunch and now sitting waiting for moms meeting to be over .. they needed to release at a pool... it is so very hot outside only in water could anyone stand themselves outside.

We finished the night off at the hotel pool. Nancy made a couple mixed drinks and the kids chowed down on the left over catered food from the party. We stayed in the pool way past bedtime and now we needed to bed the kids and have some Nancy and Mary time... catch up on all the IDEA, DOE and SPandP stuff, compare notes on supports and services... you know what fed laws have changed and where we stand to vote on issues coming up... isn't that what every parent talks about in their girls night out time??? We know we are advocacy addicts. The silver lining is we have admitted it so we have taken the first step to recovery..LOL Nancy is being heart torn to an adoption situation she has learned about and the little girl was at the meeting.. I would so love for this little girl to remain in our lives in some way so I am encouraging her to pray about it and act quickly if this is her path. I know long term our home is not the right place for this little girl but I sure love her... my heart aches thinking I may never see her again.

Sunday morning I woke to little people saying HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM....and then they took me to breakfast (free at hotel) very nice... it turns out fine only one mishap of Lucas bolting when my back is turned.He got up but didn't leave the room a few times until we had a face to face, eye to eye and he sat but once the opportunity arose... well then it was a hall search and family involvement.. then a trip to the bathroom and he was holding my hand from that point on. WE went to the pool after breakfast to realize we had been noticed during breakfast...the adults where now in the pool and very eager to hear the story of how this woman has so many children with special needs....and they listened until it was time to get their flight. Very comforting when people really care genuinely care about our story and give thanks and encouragement..not that I need it but today it felt revitalizing... THANK YOU LADIES and gentleman of Jersey. so it is time to hop off and watch EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION as a family with a child who has Prader-willi syndrome is on tonight and we have come to know them through this journey (Tressa my 8 year old has PWS)