Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SO much to say, so little time to get on to tell you...

We are all doing OK. Emma has struggled through a very difficult virus and is now on day 6 showing signs of getting better. She is now on inhalants for her allergies.

Lucas is on Lo Jack..LOL he is wearing the life saving band that will locate him is lost. He is doing well with it on.

Tressa is on a field trip and in her mind planning something special for her teacher who has a birthday tomorrow. Due to the teacher being on a diet no this has made Tressa think outside her

Jordan is all have got to understand... we did the EEG and in the results it shows that in his waking moments his brain is in sleep patterns... The Neurologist is out this week so no explanation on what next because not one Doctor I have talked to has ever heard of this before... GO JORDAN! LOL leave it to him.

Steven is doing well, he has a side the teen age years has brought on and it is so cute. He is getting his hair trimmed up today and looking forward to their school dance on the 19th. Mandie will be going with him and Kaitlyn so they are practicing appropriate dance moves.

Kaitlyn well she is a blast. She went to school yesterday wearing a short which brought much drama to the point out Superintendent was pulled in by me... She was going to be in ISS internal suspension for a day because it was too short.. It was far from too short. Middle school drama, can't wait for High School.

Keirsten is struggling still and yesterday was accepted in the VISTA program to get help.. I am very pleased as she showed maturity in admitting her thoughts and facing the future.