Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1st... summer is upon us.

It has been 20 days since I have posted. I can not say it is only because I have been busy altough I feel like I have been moving at a fast pace although taking time for me lately which feels good. for those who know me, I painted my toes this week..WOW is right. no I did not go somewhere I did them myself.

Keirsten is keeping me on my toe with the addition of dating in our lives. She is almost 17 and we are in the beginning stages of learning how to date responsibly. This my friends is exhausting. I feel like I am potty training all over again. Meaning the frustration of why did it happen again..we have gone over this simple rule... When our body tells us this it means that. The mind plays silly games with teenagers.. Keirsten seems to forget #1 that I was a teenager (and teen mom) and #2, I have raised teen girls oh, a few of them...
So it goes like this. She is not I did say NOT following house rules and is having a difficult time with honest vs story telling.. on things like the sky is blue. So then she and I meet in therapy and decide we would make a contract for rules.. She wants to have open reign..yes she is a teen. We go over why it is important for me to know what she is doing, where she is and what her plans are... Now..she took it here::::::::::: Mom if I come up with a plan and let you know what and where we will be can Bobby got to Orlando with us???????????????????? He boyfriend 15 years old in a hotel room with our family and her unsupervised all over Disney grounds when she can not keep the rules local in tact???????????? She said because I explained to the therapist that I do give her more space when we are out at conferences because she tends to reserve some of her shannagins when we are out away from local pals... WOW.... she is so teenslammed.
Kaitlyn is getting to the stage of challanging me as she seems to feel she is a parent in this house... Like if I redirect one of the little ones she might not agree 100% and will distract and so I then have to distract in turn her...LOL She is so easy... I wish all teens were as kaitlyn is. She is in clarinet lessons privately now preparing for her debue in Orlando July 18th in the talent contest. It was too cute to watch her audition at the local music house to decide which instrament to go with for a 2 minute talent display. We are very honored to have Kaitlyn in the event. Steven is same ole same the pool until his body is prune like. He is loving the fact it is almost summer and the school day will be full of play and pouring of sand or water. He is a riot, just refuses to grow up..Jordan continues to make pizza when ever possible. He is doing well in school. We do have an appointment to talk to a Neurosurgeon about his brain. Those of you unaware Jordan's brain is going into sleep patterns during totally awake moments which then turns him out to the community as if he knows nothing. Like you can ask him if her is a boy or girl or if a letter is a letter or a number and he simply doesn't know.. he brain asleep although he awake functioning as if nothing unusual..if you didn't know better. WIERD yes, not one Doctor has seen this before and so we are getting seen by a specialist now outside the area. When the brain is awake and he is awake all is normal Jordan. I am not sure if anything trips it or not although it appears when he is asked to concentrate it kicks in??? I can not say for sure although at school it occurs way more than when in free play or just doing routine home activities. tressa, she is doing so well 100% on her spelling test. She has always had the ability just not the desore and now we have both and it is shining in her school work..What three weeks before the end of school. Because of this we are holding her in 2nd grade again. Her reading jumped a complete leve so we are now going to do 2nd grade over so she has the foundation to move into 3rd grade and face multiplication and division after another year of simple addition and subtraction..and of course the reading will grow. SHe has natural phonimic awareness, can sound out any word. She is learning now how to learn words she sounds out. I am very excited for her. Lucas is up in the air still for fall. I had hoped we would know about the house so if it went and I could home school I would but we are still up in the air and the way we are now it just isn't set up for the flow of homeschool... this takes me to an IEP team who say only life skills. I may wait to see how the growth over summer goes to go in with the fight to try least restrictive. My bigger concern is splitting the kids into different school. The kids are in a full inclusive school and they are not wanting to take Lucas into Kindy.. Inclusive is very restrictive to how you get in here...Inclusive is a place here... Inclusive sometimes is not inclusive at all.... Scares me the mindset of some. Emma, well I see her as the bringing up the rear..She is doing so well. I can see in the near future her pulling Lucas to his fullest potential. I see her as a caring helpful sister with compassion. Lucas is making tons of progress at his pace. His pace has been wonderful not to give him any less credit he just has so many obsticles to over come. He is playing with toys appropriately a lot of the time. He is squeeking less and less. His therapy is kicking in and he is responding. Ali (the dog) today is not the right day to type about Miss Ali...she is all puppy the size of a bear!
Me, I am doing Ok, I went to a appreciation dinner the other night and found peace in the message which I needed to salidify what I am doing in life. All too often people seek to make judgement on what i have chosen for me..and this formal foster child now Phd got me, actually thanked me and understood me. He gave me so much insight on the question why do I do what I do for words I had not been able to place to emootion. He got me... and as soon as I can put back out into words from my mouth I want to speak of it. It is primal and explains much of the heart aches we face in todays society here in the USA. He opened my eyes..allowed me to see places I have not traveled yet understand culture.. Humanistic....not materialistic and in this coundtry being indiviualistic I am a square trying to fit in a round outlete.. He told me to keep my edge and do not allow anyone to change me.