Friday, October 1, 2010

quick update

It has been a bit of time since I last posted about us as a family. We are all doing fine, no illnesses other than the allergy spells and return to school colds. Nothing taking much more than the regular measures. We have some of the annual medicals coming up although I am not feeling anything major will come of this years trips. Everyone eating well, exercising for the most part and therapy has been regular and consistent. Remember I put something on facebook pretty much daily. For a quick, hey what are you up to it can be found there... and if someone could PLEASE help my Mother learn facebook, she is getting upset the world knows more than she does.

If anyone is interested and obviously lives local I will be having one maybe two positions open for employment in my home after the first of the year. This is a position that comes in and helps with the kids daily and some weekends, we can be adjustable to yours and mine needs.. State pays 9 to 10 an hour starting depending on what you are doing.. email me.

Keirsten is turning 17 and some balance is surfacing, she want to start vo-tech as she finishes high school so that when she graduates she will have a cosmetology licence and work in a high end salon. She is all about hair and make up. Then she can move on to college for more if she wishes. Florida gave her a free pass to college from her special needs adoption as part of their subsidy package. Yeah!

Kaitlyn is moving through the eighth grade excited to be going to High School next year. She talks about all the things she is going to do in High School. She is very interested in the marching band. She starts bowling tomorrow with Steven in the neighborhood typical league. She is very excited about that.

Steven is Steven lackadaisical care free and as long as he has a finger skate board near by with a pad and markers the boy is not seen or heard. The weather broke so swimming 24/7 for people who live here is a bit cold.

Jordan is having some meds changes for seizures right now so all extra eyes on side effects from that. We went to the Doctor yesterday. He got a huge compliment from the staff at Children's Medical Services on how well he listens and obeys. I had a couple moments I wasn't sure but hey if that's what they see, I knkow I am pretty tough on the kids to be respectful in public because like it or not eyes on on their behaviors. HE passed! GO Jordan... not to leave out Steven and Kaitlyn who waited nicely in the waiting room without any incidence so thumbs up there as well.

Tressa is having a rough couple of days, not sure what's up but she is wanting to be difficult at school and refuse to work, she does it fine here??? Usually it is opposite, I struggle to get her to do home work... so we are woking on a reward to see if TODAY can be a thumbs up day. I know this being her repeat year the teacher is extra demanding as she well should be so she is 100% ready for the third grade. She is going to see Dr. miller on the 11th to get her medical on track and get answers on the new findings in pws research.

Lucas is making strides in this new environment at school.. This year the focus is not academic although he gets some it is on feeding and toilet which feeding is coming along nicely.. the connection for toilet I am not sure is all connected yet so a mute point if he isn't registering the connections to his brain.. we will see, just getting started.

Emma is doing fantastic as long as you let her do it on Emma time. If you seek for her to play a game she will put her arm behind her back, if you ask her to babbble she pinches her lips closed.. if you leave her alone she crawls to the toy area chatters in the mirror plays with her toys and manuviers all that she was being asked to do yet refused.. I know she is stubborn... but so darn cute. Her orthodic shoes and braces are in and she is wearing them about an hour a day or a little longer, They are only use for her to stand or walk so when she is crawling and playing solo she doesn't need them on.

Ali, well I believe we are on the down side of chewing but I could be wrong. I am not ready to run out and get new lawn cousions yet.. She is SO big, so so big. No more "little puppy" THe kids love her and she is so wonderful with them.