Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have no clue how you moms of two year olds blog, I have NO TIME..... She is into everything if I am not one on one doing things with her and then she takes a nap, I do the household items I use to do when she sat and played solo. NOW, I barely get a handle on those items and she is up from her nap.... I then use to get to have my personal time at 8 pm.... until 11ish. Well since she rested for two hours she feels she is entitled to her time after 8pm.... So here I am with this bright eyes little fire cracker ready for mom and her time and she would very much like to take over this lap top for her time with Sarah Grace...... Ok, I need to get off before she rips my arm off so if I get her off to sleep and have time outside my me time, I will be back on....... HOW DO YOU MOMS DO THIS?????????????????????