Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays to all.

Bless me followers for I have not posted, it has been 2 months since my last post.

I have not been too busy nor lacking blog comic material. i have been living with out a lap top or computer in the house. I have had my Palm Pre which if you have one know that the max is getting things uploaded on facebook. Spelling is not corrected, many times words I thought I printed came through totally different.

So today as I am in a slump am here to catch you all up.... since October 5th 2010.... Lucas is now 7 WOW is right, Tressa turned 9, Mandie turned 32 and is not in her last month of pregnancy, Thanksgiving came and went with us boycotting in a sense because we were all going to be together today (Mandie's baby shower..). I tend to take the hard road in learning life lessons...never boycott Thanksgiving. CHECK.... ingrained into my memory forever.

I am in last of the planning for the annual Holiday party, following an awareness walk which was in line with the economy... not enough funding to throw a Holiday party.. $725.00 hall, $300.00 food, $230.00 table dressings, $150.00 centerpieces, $75.00 printing, and all the little things that make it magical... not including the $20.00 per child gift and $5.00 per family package..... $1,500.00 seems like min. to raise to make a stress free party which s so magical I am addicted to throwing it each year.. BUT as I mentioned the economy has take a dive to the point we are getting little funds... The Hall is paid, a family is donating food.... we are trying to be super creative, BUT it is what it is.. I look at the 200 people coming who will have a magical stress free night bonding with families just like theirs, making family to family support connections that will last long after the close of this event... No one can help a mom who is having struggles than a mom who is also raising a child with disabilities. We are a special breed. Our children have shown us a love others can not see or understand... our sense of humor is most often of a different level than the norm... we are just enough different to understand each other..

Let me catch up the families I serve....

Keirsten is turning 17 in a few days.... SCARY as her mom to know she can and most likely will walk out my front door to be "on her own" before long. I completely see she is not at all prepared for this move. She on the other hand has planned to save $200.00 to get her own apartment, not to mention the electric, cable, cell phone...hoping that water is included. Yes that was not a typo...she is planning all of this with $200.00 she hopes to save in the year. I on the other hand have her pre-registered to start at High Tech North which she will dual enroll into starting January in their cosmetology classes and continue in High School. In one year she will have a certificate to cut hair and have her test to give her a High School equivalency which in her graduating year she will walk as a graduate... That is my plan, maybe just as stretched although I am praying I have the better plan and in some odd way it will all fall into place. If all falls apart, I am in need of medication for the first time in my life.

Kaitlyn is making great progress in reading. She is now at or above the 3.0 reading level and getting better. She loves to read, the world opens for those who love to read. The reason this is so important is that when you have a child reading at the 3.0 level heading into High School planning is critical. Is it still important to keep her in general education classes where reading will be laid on the back burner. Is reading so important that she misses out on the electives we all can remember, baking those cookies in home ec. Making the album cover in art class... Having those partners in group activities which built friendships and fond memories. I am going to see schools and classes to make my final decision. She is her sweet self with the spike of wanting to be my roommate and not daughter.... you know she is a teenager. "I am 16 years old MOM" is her favorite saying to me these days.

Steven is doing Ok in his educational setting although A+ in social growth. He can move those finger skate boards like non other. He can maneuver campus like it is his back yard. He is speaking before being spoken to or ordered to speak... He is actually being groomed to be the first in his district to be a student led IEP... I am excited for spring when this will occur. Steven is having a terrible time with a rash that has been called ring worm but I am not convinced... it is "odd" so I am sure we are heading to a specialist..

Jordan...well it was a rough day so lets pass over that bundle of energy so I do not say anything I may regret...LOL

Tressa spent time with her previous speech teacher today at Mandie's shower and she was lovin the time. Tressa loves girl time, social time, time to have attention with adults. she is a hugger, a loving little girl. She is not the physical go getter so she requires a push every now and again.

Lucas ................. I will complete later.