Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now that I got that out of the way.................

Hi, Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.. Happy Holidays... I have many friends of varied beliefs so that is my politically correct Intro.

I must say that this is the first breath I have taken without lists around me, worry on my shoulders and stress surrounding me.

The holiday party was a success although many children were ill this year so the attendance was a bit low. We had extra food for sure. I was so busy I forgot to get baby Emma on Santa for a good shot to hang... I hope to get to the mall before he fly's off for the year. The kids enjoyed their time at the party. We are back to our holiday crafts. I am not feeling the feeling of holiday cheer, kinda floating from one issue to another inside my head, which is in a fog... Having an ear infection at fifty is annoying for sure. It doesn't hurt, just keeping me in a fog, like my head is in a fish bowl.

Keirsten informed me this week, we are not poor mom we are on a tight budget and you (me) screwed this month up pretty bad...LOL hate when the kids are right. She is 17 now and doing much better with a new meds mix.

Kaitlyn is 16 and was very cute at her annual physical when she was examined and did not feel her body should be invaded by her doctor. She actual fought his hands off her when he was trying to check her tummy .... then yep...a peek up top to be sure everything is growing correctly and she was upset her looked at "HE looked at my boobs mom".... LOL then came the conversation about her period and if she wanted to take the Depo shot to stop the bleeding.. yep yep yep stop my period until he said she would need to come every three months for a shot.. then it was No SHOTs No SHOTs... so we are holding off on that until next year.

Steven is Mohawk boy, he loves his hair cut in this style as it makes for conversation from many people out in the public. The attention is making Steven more confident. He is growing up fast, has his moments, although over all he is growing up to a nice young man.

Jordan is Jordan and very much mommas boy still. Some days it feels warm and fuzzy and other annoying and stressful. He is doing very well at school which is wonderful. He is picking up more and more as he calms in that setting. His wish for Christmas is the Lego's pirate ship and his dream to get on the Disney ship for a cruise to be with Capt Hook and Peter Pan.

Tressa rides on Jordan's dream telling everyone she wants to spend the day with Windy little John and I think the other little brother is Mathew maybe??? She knows..... well then she says Peter pan and Tinker Bell. She is struggling with her PWS fight OCD and most of the time is in control. The off moments well it is what it is.

Lucas is getting more Mobile, acting like a typical toddler, exploring his environment and testing everyone to be on their toes. He got away the other day while our home had two extra families staying and a one time incident where one families truck needed power boosted with a drop cord,,, front door propped open and whala.... Lucas was all over that opportunity. He is home safe and sound actually before the police got to the neighborhood he was already home, showered and eating. He is oblivious to the dangers in the neighborhood..... we live near many canals, lots and lots of water.

Emma is the cutiest little red head alive. She is a mommas girl although very happy to snuggle with several others as well but now with mommy the giggles melt my heart.