Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday week begins...smiles upon my face

As I approach my 50th I have many memories and worries at the same time. Am I really that old? It seemed as I was growing up 50 was the end, rocking chairs for ever after. Now, I find it wow 50 is the beginning of so much fun, knowledge, making sound good choices to help make life better every day. I take each day as it comes not expecting anything more than to make the best of today, I love the journey I am on with my children, it brings me such joy.

This week starts out with my finances getting back into balance.. if you follow our family you will know that back in April I got notices that State Farm was letting our home go as of 2011 we will be dropped because we live in Florida... DROPPED after 20 years of honest faithful clients not claiming small things that could have been claimed.. Dropped, AND they raised my final year rate by DOUBLE... yes they did!!! It took my mortgage up $400.00 a month which when your actual mtg is $300.00 and add taxes and insurance near $700.00 and jump to $1,1000.00 it is HUGE as we hit the summer months I thought it would paralyze us from any fun money. The reason I am able to budget the family and have the little fun times is because we do have a mtg at 4% , monthly rate is $300.oo. We do not qualify for things like food stamps, free lunch programs etc so I have the balance of our expenses on our monthly income.. When you add $400.00 more a month as I move into $455.00 electric bills from the winter months of $225.00 I NEED PLANNING. They gave no for warning, just bam!

THE GOOD NEWS IS..... I ordered a wind mitigation report and my mortgage is being re calculated as of yesterday which they assured be will be back in the 600 range...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I plan to take the over paid and get #1 a physical, #2 eye exam and new glasses.... again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

At this time my friend canceled her room at the Hard Rock Hotel because she picked up a new job, Booo Hoooo I was looking forward to that. I have my cruise coming which is pre-paid so nothing is stopping me on that week of me me me time. If anyone reading would like to go, I found a week cruise on Carnival for $169.00. I have it pre-paid and pre-paid gratuity paid. I want to pre- pay one shore side excursion this month and the rest is on board fun.. I have my thrifty tricks I will share privately....LOL

It is Saturday morning all the kids are taking a calm morning watching cartoons, playing in their rooms and then Jordan who is calling his "Dad" He picked up the play phone and called "Steve, my Dad" He is going to his Dad's for the weekend and asked if he could take Ali with him too. I asked him what they were going to do and he said "make eggs" Not sure where this came from. Last night he asked if Lilly could come over and spend the night. Lilly his little friend from school he now knows he can only kiss on the cheek. LOL "R-E" as he calls her. He was not happy when I told him it would not be appropriate for her to spend the night with him but a play date is great. He is a riot, never know what is swirling in his head.

Tressa is having a rough morning, already planning snack and wanting to know if she can make ham and cheese little sandwiches for snack??? Then went through the entire list of anyone in the cafeteria who brought their lunch and told me everything that was inside their lunch box... She stated the very best item any one brought was a kit to make peanut butter and jelly crackers in a lunchable ...I have a feeling there is a candy bar in those lunchables... Hhhhmmmm... she didn't mention that. Hanna Montana movie tonight trying to re-focus her thoughts to planning for that. Tomorrow Lara is coming for the day so she will be busy with Lara and playing with her playhouse, dress up and girly girl day... She had Geraldine over the other day and that went well other than having children who are only is hard for them to understand that when they come out to play in the main rooms that other children will join in. She did take the explanation why others needed to be aloud to join if out in the main rooms and we must be nice... Went well.

I hope to get to the dollar store for Disney goodies. We go to DISNEY ON ICE Friday night. A very nice couple bought the family tickets to see DISNEY on Ice and added extra tickets so that the kids could all take a friend...Asked how many I could bring and my van holds 15 so 15 is what they sent!! AMAZING how generous people are. We leave at 4:30, pick up happy meals and put a movie on in the van DISNEY of course and off we go to the 7 pm show in Sunrise, FL. TO save on crying I am getting lots of trinkets to place in their hands during the show so they will not ask for the over priced items in the halls on the way in/out.. avoiding melt downs always.

School has been going better so not complaining too much right now. Jordan and Tressa are in great places. Lucas is having the trials of a new school where he is testing them to believe he can not do this, can not do that, he is taking the shoes off again, squeaking and popping his mouth noises much more.... URG why do our kids push all the buttons. His feeding is out of control. he now will not place anything non preferred into his mouth so I am being asked to come in and show how we do it here. URg... His no preferred is anything not yogurt, applesauce or pudding. Everything else is hand over hand to get him started and anything like a "bite" of a sandwich, pizza, chicken etc you have to really encourage him.. He wants to live on liquid.

Kaitlyn has been sick most of the first weeks of school and Steven's teacher called to say they are going to work on sounds of the alphabets.. some site words.. he was reading .7 books so not sure why we are plunging back to pre-K with a 13 year old in the 7th grade. I do I really Do because Steven is paving the way to show me exactly how smart my boys who choose not to do anything are. Steven has perfected the I will show the world I can not do anything... He speaks the most clear of all my children, he just chooses to speak to a small select few people in life... He avoids work at all costs.

This is it, doors are banging, I need to hop off here and have my presence known... Therapy in a few hours, Mandie is coming and swimming today.