Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kids say some of the funniest (pure truth)

I am not in the mood to much going on I would unravel if I dare list.

The other morning my grandson was having a rough morning with my daughter who is trying to help form him into a nice young lad...LOL With her husband in the same room... He being three is .... well here is how it went... My daughter said Carmelo are you back talking me? Carmelo said; "No mommy, I am talking at my front, see this is my back (points to his back) and this is my front (pointing to his front) I am taking at you from my front!................ LOL My daughter had to walk she was not laughing. Her husband re-affirmed he is only telling it as he sees it... he has a point.

I was on the phone with my friend in Lehigh yesterday and Kaitlyn was sitting mext to me. Her phone service looses calls all the time. I said out loud Oh, I lost her.. Kailtyn asked who, I explained Gail, she is out in Lehigh. About an hour or so later Mandie came to work and Kaitlyn got all excited to tell Mandie Gail is lost in Lehigh. She seemed now upset that I was not reacting to Gail being lost in Lehigh and she is lost... LOL