Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parenting children with special needs offers special insight... as in the past couple of days. Like many homes when I go to the grocery store the kids find their favorite item and feel the need to eat/drink it up, open and use as fast as humanly possible. I am working on pace, pace the race to finish with common sense... DO not drink such a huge glass of orange juice so we have more for tomorrow. This I feel like I preach on every item, crayons to orange juice.

This morning Kaitlyn yells out to me: "YOU LIED TO ME" I said Kaitlyn what did I lie to you about? "THERE IS NO MORE ORANGE JUICE" as she is waving the empty carton in the air, you told me a lie mom..... so I reflect back to yesterday...lol well I did tell her lets not drink it all today so we will have some tomorrow.

She walks away from me and says "I am so frustrated with you right now mom"

I do not respond but reflect to all the years of speech therapy paying off, I fought so hard for so many hours, pushed for in home. I did good by her! LOL I brought this on myself, I must say fighting for inclusion and all the services possible really does give them the best opportunity to be more normal than not!