Friday, April 23, 2010

Balancing the blog time into my daily schedule right now is more than I can handle some days and here is why: The laptop I have is used and old...It takes approx. 27 minutes to load to the on / running mode and then to click on (sign in) to the blog ad a post position is another 20 minutes so by the time I get to this point I am pretty wiped out..sound crazy?? I am a fast paced person and do not want to waste so much time getting on to a computer... so by now I loose interest in even posting.

Let me take you back to Monday the 19th, I get up and dress for a 9:30 am Doctors appointment for Emma to get her 1 yr shots.. It felt good to get my hair ironed and go out. I get to the Doctors office, Emma all dolled up cute and the waiting room is full. I sit after signing in. A few minutes later the office staff poke their head out the window and say "Hello Mary, are you here to visit?" "you are a week early, but while you are here you can pick up the kids summer camp physicals" Gosh darn, a week early. Yes, Emma gets her baby shots Monday April 26th at 9:30 am. Emma and I go to the local Walmart to pick up a few things then home for the day.

Tuesday the 20th I am up to take Tressa to her Doctors appointment to discuss her bladder reflux, it is all good. A class 1 and no need for surgery. She is going on more antibiotics. She should out grow this in time. We will come back in 3 months for a re-check. I got a catalog to purchase a bed time alarm for bed wetting. The process is going to wear me down so we will do it the months of summer. He said 6 weeks then stop. Either it will work or it won't so do not wear myself out if it isn't working after 6 weeks. Once through the Doctors Tressa and I went to Burlington Coat Factory to put a lay a way on for Jordan's Birthday. He wants a new suit. It takes me a long time to go through all their suits to locate the right one in a 16 HUSKY that is not over kill for a 2nd grader. We find a nice black pin stripe simple cut; I get three shirts, two have ties that clip so I get a shinny black tie tie. I locate two outfits for hot days, shorts and tops and a watch because he has been wanting a watch for some time now. We get home in time to find the house being completely re-arranged. We talked about changing rooms because the kids are in the TV room where I can not see them 90% of the time. My daughter believes it would be better if the TV room was the front room and we let go of the formal living room. The TV room as it was did not have air conditioning so would get hot during the summer, now it is the therapy room' fans will work for morning therapy and late in the day therapy so I guess this is best.. It feels odd, I feel like I do not have space/time for me. We will see, she said 2 weeks before we sell the living room couches and see if this works. In order to have it this way my good quality piece of fur nature; I love Burro, is now stick in my bedroom as is my curio cabinet full of Disney collection. My room is wall to wall wood cabinets/dressers which no one will see.. It also makes me feel over taken in my room, I know it is to make summer easier for the kids being home all day.. I am thinking positive. I can not store anything outside it will get ruined so that is not an option. The day ended with Miss Jill coming and saying she liked it better this way (house) now she has a table in a room with lighting and space outside the girls crowded bedroom to perform therapy. So yes it is best for the kids.. Mandie says it now looks like a house with 7 kids, I think that is my problem, I always always had a home that from the front door didn't appear to be trashed by kids...LOL OK, well no one fell over anything. The toys, games etc were in the other rooms away from the front door. My issue I guess. The bread run this week was a gift, I got the items loaded and enough cupcakes for Jordan's class for his birthday Monday. I put them in the freezer for fresh keeping I am short $$ this week again making up from the funds used for spring break "vacation" juggling fiances and making sure the kids get everything is a balance act like none other.

Wed, still not dealing well with the change of the House. I know it has kinks to work out and we have not gotten everything out of the garage yet so the inside isn't in order yet to make it flow again in the new flow pattern. One day at a time. Emma seems to be having s time with allergies today, watery eyes, nose running and a cough coming on. I am doing another bread run tonight to introduce a new worker to help until the end of school. Jordan's 1:1 will be picking up for me on Wed nights so she can take the bread to go home with the children in the back pack program. Children less fortunate will get a loaf of bread on top of their weekly food provided for their weekends going home in their backpack on Fridays. Trish and I talked about the center in Cape Coral we are trying to get off the ground with the help of another family new to the area. If it appears to take off we will announce, all is in the planning right now to see if it can be a go. Miss Joll comes and then Ms Jan shows up from her time away for her father's death. The house is getting busy sinceKeirsten had a pack of children (teens) show up that are questionable at best. As i watch through the window a large male reaches over to grab her breast, I fly out the door and they scat...the kids high five (with nuckles) and laugh as they part. I am not pleased. Tomorrow we are to meet Keirsten's new boy interest and if this is any display of what to expect it will be a short live visit. Keirsten seems clueless the boys actions were a violation of personal space and body privacy!!! so this is another subject to cover in theray.... YIKES!!!

Thursday April 22 I am up to a lunch meeting with another adoptive parent to start a support group for adoptive parents in Ft Myers. We meet at Bar Louie's in the Mall for a bowl of soup and business. All went well, we have a location, with child care and a once a month meeting with quarterly social events are in the works. I am home to prepare for Kaitlyn's band concert ... Keirsten is having over this by she wants to date but knows it is a no go until I meet him... He is washing his dog???? The message is clear, he needs to be here and go home before 6pm because I am leaving and Mandie is not dealing with this .. It is almost 5 and he is starting to walk??? I reafirm 6 pm he leaves..yes yes... He shows up and Keirsten is all giggles and blushing. He is much to my surprise a very nice boy with lots of entegrity. He does not know any of the kids that came over last night (THANK GOODNESS) and he is in IV classes at Cape High, does his homework and seems to be a very positive person for Keirsten. I was a little taken back that Keirsten had not told him of her siblings, imagine the shock of that???? Not only does she have 11 siblings but 5 have Down syndrome and although Tressa's Prader-willi syndrome is not physically visable it manifests itself in time with the OCD and she was all OCD while he was here...LOL She wanted hom to be her friend, tie her shoes and check out her posters in her room, etc... Lucas was spittin and sputtering trying to sit on his lap (we did help out there to get some tension off) It was killer funny when the house was dead silent and tressa looks at him serous as can be ans says "Happy earth Day Bobby" LOL Mandie and I the go over ALL THE RULES, making sure he knows that Keirsten has set rules for phone time, curfews, make up, yada yada yada...Then out of the blue Mandie says "so lets talk about puberty" LOL the poor boy about flew off the couch. Mandie informed him that keirstn is a virgin, will remain a virgin and she is married to a very big Mexican that will be one angry big Mean Mexican isf that were to change in the slightest.... He took her serous. Then she says "so do you have any questions about puberty or sex tat need discussed?" You can ask me anything, I am all about making sure we are all on the same page. I can not remember if this is when he asked to use our phone or not, he called his mom to check in...LOL his cell phone is dead he explained to her. OK, here it is. I showed up at 6:30 to drop Kaitlyn off and not one car was there. I called home to have Mandie read the paper and she informed me it says :45 to drop Kailtyn off so I am 15 minutes early... We have friends meeting us at 7:30 for the concert... But still no cars . One more check and IT IS IN MAY,,,,,,I AM A MONTH EARLY!!!! kailtyn is not taking my blunder well, Mom we can't go home --no mom my band concert!!! No do not go home mom, go back to Mariner Middle now!! OMG how do I get through to her I screwed up!! I tell her I need to stop at Target to get shower curtain hooks. The night is not going well, she is not taking this well. We get the hooks and go home, Mandie is aware of what I am dealing with so she has a band concert set up at the house. Kaitlyn enters to be the star performer (which Jordan was not happy about) LOL and she plays the make shift kitchen supplied drum concert for her brothers and sisters.