Sunday, April 18, 2010

A week ago today I was well rested

So the past week I went into over drive and feel like things are going to rocket from here... let me catch you up the best I can.

Ali (dog) is no longer able to nose dive into the fence and pop off planks to get to the dog behind us so she has started chewing her way through the PVC --YIKES... I think it might be time to discuss getting her fixed??? she is 9 months old and Rosco behind us seems to be the goal for getting the fence down. The only problem is ROSCO is the size od Ali's paw!! LOL

Emma is crawling and I have not purchased a toddler corral so I am up and about every 3 second as she has discovered EVERYTHING she is not aloud to touch and the game is on to who has the bigger power...Emma or mom. She is doing fantastic. Moving to Whole milk this week and table food through the processor since she has two very small teeth

Lucas is gaining more and more every month His OT and speech are my team here at home and the school is so supportive (this year) Not sure but looking to home school at this point for next year since the school system calls his placement life skills and I am 100% apposed to it.

Tressa is struggling this week and the lock down has been mute at points. She has the skills like none other and one slip up she is on it.. Her tummy is rounder so I know and her weight up a few lbs so she and veggies until we are back to 97lbs. She is doing so much better in school this year and I am excited about her having the same teacher next year for how much progress that will bring. Her aide is working on eating like a "LADY"

Jordan is amazing. He has come so far I can not begin to say how impressed I am at his team. I really think he will sore with my new project.....

Steven, he has made major social skill leaps this year, has become a vocal teenager and as much as it annoys me it thrills me.... HE IS TELLING PEOPLE HOW HE FEELS.

Kaitlyn as always is exceptional. She is full out teenager and one day I can love her to pieces and the next wonder why God put teen attitude into our parent years... couldn't that be something in the senior years...LOL She heard "You are ruining my life" and has no idea the meaning behind that sentence but says it to me when i say no to something as simple as not having a piece of cake.... because she already had one..LOL
Keirsten is the one I am worried about today. She has taken a turn for the worse since having contact with her birth family over Spring break. She is spiralling and we got her into therapy so she can work through the anger but the time it takes which is natural is also heart wrenching. So many self destructive behaviors and I have to stay at the top of my game. Thank goodness she is not my first time at this.

The outside world and me............

I feel we are on the brink of getting some hearts fixed, we have contact with Haiti and three children appear to be getting processed to come for heart repairs. Since then I have a bone guy on board.This is so rewarding for me. One Doctor here in town is stepping up to help a boy who needs his two feet amputated. Sad but this will get him of the ground and walking for the first time in 8 years of his life...I am going to Cherish that journey. We have a couple more Haitian children in need of orthopedic coming too. I will host one or more of the children so we are rearranging our home to accommodate the short term addition.

Now for a dream to come true.. We possibly have a building to offer on site support in Cape Coral through SW FL PODS Angels... as soon as I have it confirmed I will make the formal announcement and share all my dreams and desired donated items needed. It will be a more social group which in turn offers respite to families and skills to their children.

I need coffee...