Sunday, April 11, 2010

A real vacation

I call it a real vacation because I actually came back rested, calm with having a vacation with the children and myself solo meeting another family from Orlando and local families drop in. Very nice!!

We left our home for the 15 minute journey to the causeway to Sanibel. LOL Yes we went far...maybe that is the trick...
Checked in Wed., played at the hotel from noon until dust. The pool is big and kept nice. They had HAPPY HOUR next to the pool. One salty drink and I was done. The kids enjoy hotel life. Have been called hotel junkies any times. Now I am accused of spawning Emma into the role...LOL I can find deals and if there is funding to be found we are on it. The Proud go hungry, so I hear. We do not take anything not rightfully entitled to but do seek for all that is. My goal is to raise my children to be self sufficient which requires coupon clipping, sale racks, seeking funding for whatever you are entitled to.

Thursday was the day at the Islands.. We had a blinder in the morning when the service providers child was sick and things went array... only for a split second. They made a quarantine area back at my house, got the kids from the hotel that were not going ot the Islands and I drove them home for the day...see it paid to vacation close. I ran them home with only Keirsten and Tressa in to.. Five Girls on two Islands in one day... What a nice time we all had. Lunch was an experience. You would think good seafood would be asy to find on an island.. well it wasn't the case for this lunch. Parking lots for public beach access were backed up so taking it out to the tip of Capitiva paid off and we were set with parking, potty and no crowds on the beach. We did some shopping and headed back at dusk for some dinner before going for the children at the house. I scored on free coloring books at the welcome center for our upcoming conference. Found a pear to pear like our banana and apple games which were the same $ as in town so that was a score. Picked up ice cream treats at the grocery store which neither Keirsten, Tressa or Chloe thought anything of. love it when the kids cooperate.
Friday was "predicted by weather forecaster" to be storms throughout the day so we had a tote of crafts planned. in contrary the day was full of sun. The kids were in the pool literally the entire day. I helped Chloe put her treasure sea items (shells,sand) into a container and decorated with ribbons and more shells to complete a paper weight for her Daddy who couldn't make the trip and was working. Sue and Taylor came to play enough time to BURN and my children even with Sunblock 60 are pink RED. Katie keeps the title of burn queen... her little face is a mess and aloe is close by. Once home real aloe from our plans are soothing her.

Saturday came too fast, a morning of breakfast and swimming brought on noon check out before we knew it. The parting was sweet, we will be together again in June and again in July.

Sunday (today) laundry in mounds only if you were here you can imagine. YIKES! School tomorrow and they do not want to go... I need them to go so I can catch up on things here.

My mind wonders back to a conversation we had at the hotel. A family locally living in San Carlos states they are in the final selection of Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the South Build and that they got a call saying it will be about a year before the build happens...???? not sure why we didn't get a call saying that. I would think if this information was true we would have gotten a call because living waiting on the hope... it seems we would have gotten a call too??? I must not let this create discouraging thoughts...

On the work side of life.

We have two more baby's in need of help from Haiti in the Medical Advocacy world.. Haiti adoptions have opened back up and I pray a baby with Down syndrome is referred to for the heart surgery I secured for a child to have. Nothing more disheartening than putting so much time into securing something that isn't followed through. The little boy with fee issues is on his journey. The process is moving forward. I am not sure if we will host him, some shifting since the two girls from Haiti have come up.

The PODS things are falling into place for a conference May 8th. Many Fed Ex boxes of hand outs and information to pass along. I have three speakers set to speak..Just getting families to the event now. A flyer is next and on tomorrows to do list.

I am working on other facebook pages to help load information to the Oklahoma site and Florida PWS site, uploading valuable information and letting families know how they can change some things in the system with little effort. LIKE, Nancy my friend living in Ft Lauderdale and I have requested SP&P guides (Bible for ESE students) each year and now it is like pulling teeth to get. Nancy called over and over requesting the guides be put in a DOE website with a drop down bar for each district GUESS WHAT... we got it! A click of your finger and you have the information today! GO NANCY.

Lots of things coming up I pray all those with disabilities are aware of. Family CAFE in June, National NDSC conference in July (Orlando) etc.

Now the new decision..can I and should I go back to work in a real accountable job? Everything I do today is volunteer and a job opening I am well suited for is open locally..... I will loose some of the kids funding and supports, I need to check exactly how much but any might hinder the decision for medical... I am pondering...

The local family adopting in the Ukraine the three little ones with Down syndrome have departed on their journey..... pray for an easy transition from the Ukraine to the USA for this family. they have big life changes and need lifted by all as it will be this village they seek support in their forever journey.