Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Very quick update

I do not have a good computer to keep up with the blog so please understand I am fine, we are all much to tell you

The boy from Haiti arrived last night, he and his mom took a bubble bath (not together) LOL and are off to the airport to Cleveland for their final destination for surgery. YEAH

The local family (Simon's) who went to adopt 3 orphans are in the air (I pray) and on their way home from Ukraine with their 3 new angels (3 toddlers with Down syndrome)they have adopted officially in the Ukraine and coming to Cape Coral.... Kaitlyn can not wait for summer to be her mommy's helper. Their blog shows all the love and smiles of a truly happy family.

Jordan's birthday went smooth, the house is back to normal as normal can be... I have my parents coming this weekend to see them off to their summer destination (Illinois)

Emma is crawling which gives me a new level of keeping small items off the floor (Tress and her beads)

A few mishaps I can fill in when I can...

Out Speech therapist did a wonderful job on her all night walk for breast cancer this past week, GO JILL!

If I forgot something I am so sorry..I have put some picks on face book via my phone. The little girl is a friends child I was "babysitting" while her mom shopped for a new water bed... lol BREATH!

Gotta run delivering bread to schools, books to hospitals and fliers to fetal medicine offices. Need a shower and home by 2.