Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am not sure I have the energy to post the past three or four days. It has been extremely mentally draining.

Kaitlyn needs or at least the doctors feel she needs oral facial surgery which I am very stressed over. They will cut her entire jaw out top and bottom and widen it surgically and fix the fused soft pallet, then use mechanical apparatuses to get her bottom aw to go out further and line up with her teeth and take stress of her chin muscle...yes yes yes if all goes as planned it ill be better for her to eat, talk, chew and close her mouth. Not that she can not do all of those things now, she ill be able to do them better.

BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG..........the reason I say this is part of the explanation was. Well, Mrs. Pringle the crank we placed in her mouth years ago in most all cases is flawless and does the job. In Kaitlyn's case that did not work.......................................

Keirsten went to a friends and didn't call home, missing for five hours NOT LIKE HER AT ALL and we all went searching, things got crazy. I know she is 16 but she had never done anything like that. She said she is embarrassed about our house and her siblings... we need to work on that.

Jordan is being scheduled to go see a Nero surgeon and having an EEG. SO many words way over my head about strokes that do not leave images on MRI's and are mini which can and do reoccur. He is fine..he is fine. he really is fine. This is all rule out procedures and a final ruling on the Dandy Walker.

The organization is taking off yet underfunded for what could be offered... I do not have office computers with data base to keep things flowing but all in all things with that are rolling fast in the right direction.

It is time to color some Easter Eggs and I need some mindless fun.