Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A day at the beach, great mental therapy

Well the email seems to have sparked more attention than my calls requesting a meeting. Once anything is in writing and documented it seems accountability begins.

I took yesterday off to relax with the kids. the weekend (vacation) for many is not for us. The idea of driving to the beach which is minutes away during a Holiday weekend where we will sit in the van hours in traffic need to drive around another hour searching for a parking spot only to arrive on a beach that is eyeballs to elbows lawn chairs touching one another...NO THANK YOU.... we live here, love tourists to keep our county vibrant although I will sit home and allow all you to enjoy the vacation on the beach.

Our weekend was full of home bound games, cook out, roasting wienies on an open fire , a zumba class Pringle style, therapy, cooking, cleaning and play time all down in the comforts of our home.

Tuesday when everyone returned to work we loaded up our beach supplies and headed for a day of fun. no traffic, not a moment of tie up, straight to the front row first parking spot handicap accessible therefore no parking fees.... AND we were on the beach with a goo 100 feet surrounding us of no other humans.. The water was warm, shells plentiful and sand clean. We set up and spent hours without a moment of stress. Jordan chased seagulls looking for tourists to toss them food (which is a no no) we went to the light house and pretended to direct in the lost ships... We talked about flashing lights being a way to communicate in the "fog" which it was a morning of thick fog.. we were playing along the shore line when two Dolphins swam up playing very close to us (12 feet) AMAZING area of the country we live. Yes I heard my phone ring in the beach bag although I had no desire to take a call on the beach unless it was one of the schools the children were at. Tressa went to school because she wanted to retake a spelling test she had practiced over the weekend so it would be 100%... Her school called as she had a tummy ache... She was managing to get through the day. Lucas went to school because he would rather be in school than the beach. His sensory issues create much stress and he cries most of the time on the beach unless he is one ot one with someone helping him through the sensory explosions... Jordan was actually suppose to get a blood draw on the way to the beach at the children's hospital although Kaitlyn being the little momma she is fed him breakfast stressing over the whole "fasting" concept... as if... Jordan really couldn't miss a meal... Keirsten made up BLT toasted sandwiches and packed them for the beach. We are in usual Beach mode with a beach bucket of necessary items in the back of the van at all times.. it is a work in progress right now.
The day was successful as we all got color with little burn. Keirsten forgot to lotion her back or says she did and the sunburn clearly tells another story. Emma did something very odd...When taking off her swim top her skin underneath was red, as if a burn and then turned blue..I rushed her to the tub with luke warm water and rinsed her of the sea water... then her hands turned purple... I called her Doctor and we are checking with her heart specialist today although it was moments and she was all pink again and is fine now.. no burns although she was one lathered baby of sunblock.... the circulation issue concerns me a little so we will check on this more today.

The coffee has brewed, kids off to school it is time to lay out my outline of school issues regarding Steven and start the return phone calls. I plan to listen to their ideas until all are in and take a few hours to process and then present my plan...I want Steven to be successful and I have not seen that in a year and a half... I have not seen this school do anything for Kaitlyn as Kaitlyn is self sufficient in her needs for learning and that is fine for Kaitlyn. I see her making a huge leap in High School.... I am very excited for Kaitlyn to enter High School.. I need to get Steven some place where excitement can be part of his plan...