Monday, February 7, 2011

"Mom, I had my best dream ever!!" says Tressa

Tressa woke this morning with two issues..She was so excited she said she had three dreams. She said she had the best dream ever... I asked her what was the dream about.

Tressa proceeds to tell me in her dream her Uncle got hurt really bad and had to go to the hospital. She said she went to see her Uncle at the hospital and her Principal's wife and two children were there and she got to see them and spend time with them,.. Her best dream ever..... LOL Yep, that's it. Have no idea how the Uncle is doing...LOL

She then could not recall her other two dreams she was so excited to get to school and tell her Principal about her dream.

Then she tells me she is having severe head aches in the night that wake her up, she said she has a really bad one this morning. These come and go with her. We have a check up in March and a overnight in the hospital in June. I am not sure what causes her head aches. It bothers me that she is so young and gets such intense pain from headaches. her blood sugars are OK, maybe something else if off??? Email to the Docs (specialists) to get ideas.