Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some weeks are all about the journey

It is time for a post; more important time for my therapy through writting.

A little over a week ago things seemed to be rolling along fairly "normal" for the life I live. I had taken some time to get new staff in place since my oldest daughter was stopping work with us and moving on to other higher employment opportunities. In doing this we found some wonderful family connections through school contacrs who already know my children and worked with them for years. they know how I parent and where i lack so they know where they can assist.. Yes, i admit I lack. I suck at making sure all their home work is done. I try to get them on it and try to keep them going but it some times is so frustrating with everything else. Volunteers are always welcome here for home work time...

So it is a Wed. last Wed to be exact. The kids wake and get ready for school.. it is chilly so they all wear jeans. shirts and hooded swetshirts with zippers and hoods. The day felt like any other. The buses come home, Lucas and his dirty clothes are tied to his book bag, planner written in from the day... time for Lucas to play. tressa and jordan come in with their jackets on and they quickly shed their school atire and move to homework and play (no therapy on Wed) The last bus comes at 5 pm with Kaitlyn and Steven... I will never forget the moment. I look at Steven and he is wearing some sort of old tattered T shirt and shorts way too small. He walks in and puts down his book bag. I ask him where his clothes are. he shrugs his shoulders... I ask again..he shrugs again so I look in his book bag, no clothes, his planner has nothing written in it and no note. I put Steven in time out for refusing to talk and tell him he can get out when he tells me where his clothes are... nothing... I go to my phone to look for missed calls or messages, nothing, no texts... I call the school about 5:15 pm and the lady who answers chuckles with the statement "it was the oddest thing, we found Steven in the gym and we can not find his clothes" "he would not communicate where his clothes are nor get them" She said they were going to have "coach" call me tomorrow after he looks to find the clothes. Thursday Steven goes to school...I hear nothing and he comes home without the lost clothes. Friday was a busy day and I lost track of time before I realized Stven is home again with no notes, nothing in his planner and the lost clothes still not in his possesion. I am going to post and see what families feel I should do (FB) and I get lots of suggestions... Saturday comes...We have out of town guests in our home and we are celebrating JoJo's Birthday ..... A knock at the door delievers DCF to my home stating they have a report on me for abuse?????????????? WHAT???????????????????? they explain the school called stating Stven "SAID" that I punched him in the face.... OK there is not punch marks no black eye nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did have a scratch on the side of his face..a small scratch he is picking ..... BUT WHAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> as I hold my compposure I get Steven from the back yard and she asks him questions... she quickly learns his vocabulary is limited and his face is flawless. I am not going a million directions in my mind...Was the clothes thing a bully act and someo ne said they were going to punch him in the face and rumnmors at school have surfaced by the bully crowd> THEN kaitlyn tells me the police where at the gym and the policeman took Steven's jeans and put Steven's underwear on his head... NOW I am out of my mind. I sit them down and ask them to go through their day. Kaitlyn was not even there in the gym, she had many more stories, Steven said no no no there was not a police man. Then it makes me crazy on why would the ese specialist call in a report because Steven did tell me it was Ms Michael who said I punched him in the face .... WHY the clinic didn't call me asking me about a scratch, the clinic didn't call about anything and I have yet to get a call or incident report on my child taking his clothes off and putting on some one Else's clothes let alone where he had access to the clothes who got them for him, was he naked, was he with WHOM????? I got many many suggestions and took many to heart and have my supports. BUT again what is a parent to believe happened... I am letting the officials now do their jobs.

That all brought me to many levels of disbelief. TO learn that my support company failed to have their files at 100% and my new staff needs to stop immediately for in home support.... Yeah.... does it get any better than this.

The weekend went well despite. Then I get an email about a baby I had sought to adopt months ago back available for heart hurt deeply.

The week progresses..... I register for Family CAFE, get Jordan IEP annual meeting completed in one sitting. Very pleased. On to making annual eye appointments, getting their new glasses ordered and setting dental appointments. Lucas is getting boyhood surgery to drop a ball, Kaitlyn her mouth surgery and life goes on.

Today, today..... I get up to get Kaitlyn to the eye center at 8 am (4 blocks away) all is well in and out by 8:08am. Home to drop her off and pick up Emma and Jordan to Healthpark to the Developmental Neurologist... I am in the van 1/4 tank of gas, and rush hour traffic over the bridge into Ft Myers. My appointment is 9 am I am all good. I have my coffee hot and creamy.. Jordan is watching DVD all is good. I look over to my left and a lady looks back.... a bit grumpy but nothing out of the ordinary. I make the last turn on to the bridge leaving Cape Coral..... as I approach the other side of the bridge the same lady that we made eye contact pulls up along side my van and flips up her middle finger... I smile, confused as I am just driving... She slows down looking over her should waving her finger at me trying to communicate something I have no idea what it was about...seriously I do not. I smile and sign GOOD MORNING.... I am not sure she knows American sign but she came back to be sure I saw her sign..maybe she wanted to be sure I had a good morning???? it was comedy at it's best for me. I kept driving through the toll and again signed good morning with a smile....I went to the right and she continued into Ft Myers straight in... I sure hope she had a good day....

My day was loaded with mishaps but made the goals of getting done all I set out to achieve. I think it is all good...If it is not please leave me out of that memo I am off to a wonderful weekend four low key days to be FAMILY and celebrate Steven turning 14