Saturday, February 26, 2011

yells from the other side of the house: Mom, I found my head!

LOL some times I just need something like this to make me laugh out loud... makes my day's stress fade. Kaitlyn is brushing her hair and pulls her hair back and it stays so her forehead shows.... she has worn bangs all her life so I guess having her hair longer and pulling it back means something to her... she is very excited. I explain it is her forehead and she can not loose her head. (well she thinks black and white) so it is far to say she can not loose her head... She might loose her grip some times and I might think she has lost her mind but she would not understand that concept... I am going to deep, we all just need to laugh envisioning Kaitlyn yelling "Mom, I found my head"

My day was busy cleaning up for my parents to come, planning the shopping list for tomorrow, staying with the kids therapy... Jordan needs coached to get through therapy, Tressa needs me to be firm that she will do what Ms Jan asks, Steven avoid anything if I leave the area, Emma wants to crawl on top of Jan while working with the others and just hug and kiss which made Lucas crazy because he likes crawling all over Ms Jan (when not doing therapy) so I play referee during therapy and YES THEY ASK FOR PHOTOS... it started a long time ago. I said once, oh do this and i will take your picture. it was a way to get the kids to cooperate and since then it is every time. Mom go get your camera, take our picture... The only one who doesn't want it is Tressa, she figures me out. She did today too. Mom why are you taking so many pictures of me..are you taking pictures of my projects. Why are you taking pictures of my projects. Then when we all left to go to walmart all I heard was. I am not done with my project can I finish my project when we get home, will it be safe, is anyone going to move my project while we are gone...YIKES..... then on the side of all these activities I have an attorney who is emailing with me about the clothing issue and offering some directions which get me thinking, have I done everything.... I put together a second email to the Superintendent explaining I did get the chance to talk to all three people but not one answered what happened. I am so much more concerned now that communication with some key players in the IEP have suddenly stopped that it sends my mind into what do they know,, what are they covering... I have talked to Steven and he can not recall although shows no sign of fear or injury from a moms perspective. Do I take him for an exam...I am so unsure of this because he wasn't distraught when he came home, he wasn't crying, sad or acting odd... he just wouldn't tell me or couldn't tell me what happened to his clothes, how he got the clothes he had on.. Oh my this is a brain bleed for me for sure..... you have no idea where my mind has gone and back in the past week... so tonight after the suggestion of getting outside people to check it out I called DCF and they took the report and will themselves be seeing answers. I have 99% faith in this my 1% lye's in that I know Steven can not communicate and thus far some have put words in his mouth he is not even capable of articulating...will more of this type of stuff occur... I have asked the school for a 504 investigation as well so I can get some answers. I am sure with so much time passed it will be all explained. I just want to know what happened...... let me know what happened......I need to know details any and all and if they were not there and know nothing I want to know that.

So why it is so important to laugh right now at the cute statement "Mom, I found my head" with all her excitement behind it.