Sunday, February 27, 2011

A family day. My parents came down and my daughter came over with my grandchildren. We sure missed the comedy of Lauriano who was home in bed with some sort of reaction illness... yesterday was opening day for his son (T-Ball) and the overwhelming excitement proved to be too much for Daddy...LOL not really, got some sort of bug. We made a family sit down dinner which was in and cooking when everyone arrived. We got time to play and visit for a good amount of time before we ate. The boys played outside, Tressa and Jordan did some TV bickering.... Carmelo made sure all my apps on my phone were working. Olivia did not want for anything, she was the star of the day... Miss Emma thought she could take her down a time or two although so many family members around we shielded her from the red blaze of jealousy no longer being the "baby" LOL

My parents seemed more relaxed this visit with all the children.. This makes everyone else more relaxed as well which is a good thing. I always have many emotions during family times, so much to be thankful for, so many things I never take for granted. I am so very blessed to be living a life full of love. I often forget exactly how blessed I am when I am in the thick of parenting which many know it is a thankless job for the most part...

It seems the little things I hold near and dear may mean nothing to others although paramount for me. The smiles I get that I know are mine, the funny funny giggle after Emma burps and then tries so very hard to force a burp on purpose..she spit and sputtered choked and gagged yet could not muster a forced burp (YET) because with the intense effort she will soon figure it out...LOL Pringle got Talent.