Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hockey 101 tonight went well B+ I'll give it

This was the kids' first Hockey game. I have taken them to the arena for Disney on Ice but this was different. I left the house early because i had heard the traffic into the games are long and slow. I got there over an hour early... no traffic, nothing slow and parking right up front. They had a jam session going on in front of the entrance, and a bounce house for small children. My small children would be Lucas who would never jump inside a bounce house and Emma who would not want anyone to know she can bounce on her feet.... ;o) So we watched and Jordan became anxious. We ran into a FB friend Cheryl and her two girls, then Annie Ravis and her crew where there. Was a nice night and everyone was having a good time.

They let us in to watch the kids Hockey game on side ice rinks. This gave me some time to explain the game to the kids and let them see the puck and how it works in the game. Jordan was more interested in the stairs, he has been fascinated in steps lately, any where we go he wants to go up and down stairs. There was food so we stopped for dinner...... we might have gotten comp tickets but they made that up in dinner. $10.00 for 4 nuggets/small fries/soda EACH... then popcorn, chips and cheese... dang.... and I didn't even get a chance to have a drink...

When we enter one of the girls greeting guests talked to Jordan and offered for a photo, Jordan was smiles from ear to ear and asked her to come to our house...LOL
He was saying Hi to many people who responded nicely. I need to teach him what "my type" looks like because he tends to connect with the older men and wants me to introduce them to his mom.

I saw mostly 97% adults, not many kids. Then there we were.... Kaitlyn got very excited to see her teachers come in. She did well, knew many of the chants, watched the signals for cheers caught on to the bangers and rhythm. Steven was eating popcorn and seemed content, Lucas was ready to go as soon as we got there, Emma found kicking the seat in front of us fun..that was OK when Cheryl was sitting in the seat but they left and another man sat there...he did not find my Emma so cute as she kicked his seat and many times his head..Cheryl had the groove to move with her and they made it a game...this man was not into the whole game experience, and then we have Jordan... My big bad Jordan who cried like a baby when the lights went down and the game began. Jumping around crying "I want to go, let's leave" crying hysterically. I had Emma in my lap, Kaitlyn and Lucas on my side and no space to help calm him down. He did the sprint, Keirsten followed him as they took time to get use to the level of noise. One would never think JORDAN would have reacted like this. I never know which one what will bother. I sat and watched ice cold beers some with lime and some so cold I could taste it...LOL the whole attending with seven children and a beer just didn't connect.

We stayed until the 2nd set was near ending and fights were starting. I had no desire to explain the fist fighting so we called it a night at near 9 pm and headed home. Lucas was falling asleep, Emma was tired of sitting and Tressa I had pealed off the floor finding dropped food one too many times so it was time.., we chanted BLADES BLADES BLADES as we left. We were up so hope they won. The kids had fun, they saw a Hockey Game... all is well.