Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snotty noses yuck

Buckets of snot flowing around here. I have some with clear constant water type, I have the crusty dried and thick white sneezing blast type... Kleenex loves times like this. Then that another multi tasking... I need the soft lotion type for little noses and the dry type for wiping snot off glasses... ever wipe your child's glasses with lotion tissues and send them on their way...they walk into things I Know.

it was 3 am, Jordan in the shower, he informs me he is not going to school and proceeds to demonstrate this terrible cough (a cough he did great acting on) He then demanding I confirm he will not be going to school.. I convinced him more sleep could tell if he needed to be home. A wake up sneeze (he is the one with the thick white mucus) confirmed OK, lets keep your germs home today. As Tressa was getting to the bus Katie yelled Jordan is not dressed. I explain Jordan is sick going to the Doctor.. he quickly jumps up and say NO I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! When I explained he has germs and should take today to rest and we could go get his blood draw this morning he said No, no mom I am sick in my head. I am sick in my head mom, no shots...as he is demonstrating a blood draw. You see when we have been going to all his MRI, CAT scans he has always asked over and over about shots and I said no, no shots at your head doctor... so the whole being sick in the head to him is a good thing in the medical aspects. (his seizure Doctor)

Keirsten is tending to her own snotty nose and Emma well she leaves her every need on my shoulders... LOL literally snot wet shoulder... Steven is congested snot and a cough coming and Katie is the faucet running like water.... I am taking my vitamins like they are gum drops from heaven...