Monday, January 31, 2011

What is it with me and phones....I get the new EVO 4g IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE FASTER BETTER ETC.... yet for me it doesn't work. Works then stops....all incoming calls go straight to voicemail and when I try to call out it says no signal. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!! My last phone the palm pre would just shut off on me. I answer a call and it shut daughter said it was me until one day she watched it just decide to shut down, totally charged.. I am going to go back to home phone only if things do not change, this is crazy expensive and if it doesn't work, what's the point... really what's the point. I get calls while trying to pee, Driving and calls come so I wonder who can it be, then there is the ever so embarrassing call when I am in a meeting, yes I forget to put on vibrate. What did we do when we only had home phones.. I find it funny when a school official or medical professional discussing something make it sound like it is necessary to be available 24/7.. Wow we must have been very neglectful parents before cell phones. C-R-A-Z-Y

While on the subject I heard from my sister who was telling me all bout her best friend. She has four actually I think she said. She has two in France, two in Canada and a keep her on her toes in Ohio... talked like they had gone out for tea that morning. She is having such wonderful friend times.... OK, my sister is in the Carolina's and HASN'T BEEN TRAVELING... yes yes you guessed it her FACEBOOK friends...LOL let's avoid human contact next..... we have virtual schools, cell pone facebook friends and on line shopping... see where this is going. I am sorry, I like HUMAN TOUCH. Reach out and touch someone.... Hallmark at least gave you tangible contact... Oh I need my cup of coffee.

Yes, on top of my phone issue I am having ant eater issues as well... My Ant Eater (Tressa) is not stopping this gross nasty bad habit she has picked up. I almost can not even believe the words come out of my mouth; Tressa are you eating ants again? As she tries to hold her mouth closed to hide the evidence.. but what else would you be lapping up off the floor. and she fights to get to them. When it rains we get these tiny ever so tiny ants that are like the song the ants go marching one by one.. they come in lines and move fast and catch her attention but EAT THEM come to mind..oh no!