Sunday, January 9, 2011

Please help me, HELP ANGELINA

Angelina and Emma could be twins although Angelina was born exactly a year before Emma she resides in an orphanage. The HUGE difference is Angelina will not have early interventions, quality medical care and daily contact with advocating parents if she is not adopted. The most critical is this sweet look alike to my angel baby Emma, is Angelina, she will be forced to go into an institution for life if not adopted by the age of 4. She will be most likely be strapped/tied to her for what they see as safety reasons. She will not be provided any chance of a normal/humane life. This breaks my heart in more ways than I can share. It is very difficult to know this happens more difficult to bare when you look into the eyes of a little Princess that appears to be a twin to one of your own... She needs love and attention to thrive as our Emma has. I would fly over and adopt her but my income is limited so it makes it next to impossible. I do not want to return to "out of the home employment" which hinders/neglects the kids in the home now from getting the proper care... we have the space(we always have room for one more) and obviously I have the environment but funds do not support it> NEXT BEST is advocating she get a family outside of ours. One child at a time we can all do this as a team. PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP GET ANGELINA A FAMILY.

fcj4, 3G

Girl, Born March 2008

This beautiful muffin, look how she has grown! She does have a heart condition and will need to seek a cardiologist and surgery once home. She needs a family ASAP!

Additional photos available!

I have $31.5 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!
This $31.50 has come in within the past 24 hours..THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!