Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My parenting delima, getting through to a 17 year old

I have a delima... My 17 year old has this entitlement belief you might call it.. I am not really sure why she has NO DESIRE to get a job. Not even a babysitting job, cleaning a home job, a real life big girl job... anything other than the TV and social networking has no appeal to her. I must say "well you could have one of those, if you got a job" "those are things you can have, if you get a job" I set up interviews for her and she makes a reason or sabatouges the time to go... and believe me today they are very hard to arrange. You say limit the giving to her..I DO.. I have bought 2 pair of PJ's in the past eight months for her..that is it..SO SHE TAKES HER SIBLINGS CLOTHES. Even when I tell her it is not permitted, does it any way..
TODAY, it has been two years of constant "we do not eat or drink in the TV room" over and over and over... most of the kids "get it" but I have this 17 year old that feels this rule does not apply to her... I am going to post what i FOUND UNDER THE COUCHES WHICH IS HER ROOM AS HER CHORE TO KEEP UP. I do the deep cleaning.. thus how I found this surprise. I told her two days ago this room better be clean because I was going to "clean" it when they went back to school... "OK MOM" I told her I better not find anything under the couches... "YOU WON'T" well her the photos speak for themselves. I am 100% positive it is my 17 year old... WHHY . Because she is the one who came in and asked if she could fry up some cheese sticks during break..late at night. SEE 12 cheese sticks fried under the couch!!!! The cup of coofee..well cream with a splash of coffee, only her... the cake yes an entire cake (Tressa would not have left the crumbs nor used a fork or left it closed with the fork inside) the bowls dishes etc...noope, if it were any of the other kids they would have left it out on the coffee tables.. I KNOW MY KIDS>.. so what do I do?? She knows she is not to do this....she knows full well and yet has no remorse when I confront her, has no shame that I expose her... She has in home therapy who says "it is normal" IT IS NOT NORMAL after you talk about it, make rules and have repeated consequences...she is not my first rodeo... MY OTHERS would disobey but my goodness they cleaned it up so I didn't know until they were in their late 20's. I am at a loss, she is going to be 18 in a year and I know me I know me well.... it will not be pretty when she violates house rules once she is 18...... call me mean, call me terrible but I do not want rats, I hate bugs and most importantly I am responsible to keep Tressa safe and this is as unsafe as it gets for a home with a child who has Prader-willi syndrome... In a couple years Tressa will learn to clean out from under the couches...she will beat me to it and I am sure Keirsten will be more than happy to let her....URG URG this just gets my last nerve...and the worst is I do not know how to reach her about how gross it is .....