Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today has been very busy for my heart and my mind.. I had to get emma to a morning Doctors appointment, YEAH SHE GAINED... She is now 21.5 lbs giving credit to her being put on Prdiasure for the last three months. She is eating more and more but her body burns calories faster than she is able to eat. We stopped to load up on more pediasure when we got the green light to do so. Then race home for buses and uncover the mystery of why my jewlery was all over the floor this weekend... Jordan decided to gift a friend with some of my things. No worry everything back safe and sound. then to the post op appointment where we discussed Emma's blood pressure issues. We will be back next month for another follow up. The Doctoe being hyspanic fround Jordan in his suit and personaity blaring comical and persoanl.. He stated jordan reminded him of himself at the age of 10... I told him if I get the same end results I will be a happy mom..LOL Yes, Jordan was showing is ODD side along with extreme "GAS" LOL The trip home was graced by a run through the neighborhood market (walmart) found some very good meat buys..yeah me. I am trying to stay on top of Thank yous and all the internet hoopla to get the fundraising for Olga and Angelina well under way. I am waiting to hear back from the Region as to how they feel about my being a single mom with many and seeking to save 2 from their system. Never the easy path.. but well worth it if all goes as planned.