Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Santa, I have a few things for you to remember

It was so wonderful, you dropping such child centered toys under our tree. It was apparent you truly went by the wishes the children made and fulfilled their dreams. I am thinking maybe next year it might be best for the wiser of the decision making to think before they deliver...

Think about Keirsten who will be 18 yes, EIGHTEEN, next Christmas and she needs to be reminded about adulthood and that decisions made reflect on her character so possibly some gift job related to get her of gaming and social networking... I think encouraging more of those activities has decreased her desire to FIND A JOB!!!!

Kaitlyn, she needs focused on mature although please keep in mind her innocents. She can use a little grown up style but the thongs, please DO NOT fulfill that wish for her. She struggles with all the fancy big girl lace and skimpy designs you delivered this year. and then next to that a baby doll that eats and wets... well she has two baby alives (Emma and Lucas) so she really has enough feeding and diaper changing. I would also encourage more of the music with words because while using her iPod which she loves it is becoming a public nuisance when she is rocking out and others do not see the whale calling sounds are coming from. I will discuss with her speech teacher as well...

Steven oh my oh my Steven, you sure made life so much fun for Mr Steven, actually I have been up since 4 am yes I have ... You see I was in the deep sleep where you can put together dreams that make sleeping relaxing while I lay on the beaches of so remote island....but some how about 3:45is my dream went into dance party mode and I found myself sweating to the music and at about 4 it came to me that the Daisy Dukes blasting was not a dream but a party going on in the boys room of my own house... The CD Boom Box was BOOMING!!! the boys were both sitting against the wall rocking their backs to the wall with pleasure written all over their faces ...well until I walked in... UH OH was what I recall.. The finger skate boards have taken over his world and homework might be a focus better served next year...Some educational supports which are "making learning fun" I appreciate everything the kids are loving but thinking about me a bit in the plan is where this is heading..

Jordan, well who know how one can plan for him... I think his own apartment might be the only solution. He continues to require 2 am showers and those Scooby Do movies REALLY, entire seasons, ALL OF THEM do you have any idea how many hours they run.. I DO! You can literally watch scooby Do from the time he gets off the bus on Friday until e boards Monday and have some he hasn't seen yet.. CCRRRRAAAAAZZZYYYY and it has little substance for his intellectual growth. I am more pleased with the books, puzzles and games although possibly a storage of some sort to help him learn when you tear a box into 28 pieces there is still a reason we need to put all the pieces to each game separate from another and together for additional plays... Lets think hard about Jordan for next year....like maybe something to encourage him to sleep in his own bed..

Tressa, NO MORE TINY PIECES please.... tiny pieces with OCD are not a good mix at least not in the developmental stage she is at today. I know you wanted to make her happy with all the beads..... and you looked out for me with the containers but to be honest that made sorting more OCD related so she isn't making jewelry pieces more sorting and spilling and what a nightmare for me since Baby Emma is every where these days. Keep in mind more things to keep her off the TV and active, possibly outdoors.

Lucas, you sure made that little boy happy as a pig in mud...He has shown his skills to find each and every piece of musical or noise making item in one spot and orchestrates such a loud continuous sound that goes on and on and on and on and on...and on and on and on.... get it... he is talented.. I hope to See e more purpose play without making noises, he has that mastered..well maybe not the purpose but the how to make something drive mom crazy is down solid. Puzzles are good, also if you get noise related learning focus on ones that headphones can be inserted to silence to the household... that would be wonderful because some noise is good although repeated 8 billion times over and over is not,

Emma, well this girl needs anything that requires her to walk. How about a trike...well she has a 4 wheeler and still refuses to walk... I know she is a baby but by next Christmas she will be the toddler... I have big plans for her Birthday so let's see how she matures in her own room with so many have to walk or stand to play with things to do in her girlie girl room... I will keep you posted.

Well it is onward with my day.... I am one tired mommy since the kids can not seem to get back into step with school days... I am not clear on the reason, Hmmm are they aloud to nap at school or was I totally oblivious to night party hours... Monday night well, Tuesday morning started at 3 am and Wed this morning at 4 am....during break it was 7 am.... something doesn't add up... I figure at this rate we will be in step for the next week where there is no school Monday or Friday and only 1/2 days all week.... being the week Baby O is due to deliver.. Yes I know she has a name... Olivia Lilly, my fifth grand baby is almost here. SPOIL SPOIL SPOIL she is truly already a Princess.