Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Late night ramble about our morals...

I almost posted last night on my view about the show bachelor and his crazy statements he wants the girls to be open and truthful but when they express how BAZAAR it is to have 15 girls dating and kissing and living together hoping to gain the love of one man who if he has fallen in love already is still making out with the others to meet the shows criteria although is asking the girls to not pull away, do not find this difficult just ..... WHAT... WHAT WORLD IS HE FROM.... ok calm down Mary it is made for television and the man is in love at the expense of so many screwed up emotional woman... THANKS DUDE!!! well then we all ask, Mary why are you watching it then??? Again, the main reason I didn't post last night but then here goes tonight's opinion... How does Kaitlyn know the stations on the radio to flip through channels and know ALL THE WORDS to songs that are totally dysfunctional breeding co-dependency at it's finest. I wanna hold a grenade for you, jump in front of a train for you, BASICALLY COMMITTING SUICIDE FOR LOVE....BUT here is the kicker... the love is not returned...You through it in the trash.. they claim, never returned the love at all but again they sing they will catch a grenade, throw myself in front of a train for you. So then I turn the music down to explain to Kaitlyn what she is singing... GHEE should I have done that??? So she asked me a MILLION questions with the repeat of; why? and so I found myself explaining way more about love life to Kaitlyn than she needed or I needed... and here I sit wondering why this crap is even out there for our kids... Why do 30 girls apply to go on a show to expose themselves to the world and what is it...for one guy.. then who would even write the words that they would kill themselves for someone who never loved them; tore their heart out and threw it in the trash..

I sure miss BARNEY.