Friday, January 28, 2011

Treading new waters....all part of the journey

My life is taking on some new tasks, bringing on exciting challenges; I look forward to succeeding and in the same breath scares me to my core in opening old wounds. I will share when I can just keep me in your prayers for strength and direction on my new venture.

Keirsten is taking an exam on Tuesday night which is very important for her college enrollment and scholarships please lift her confidence in prayer as she is 100% on the right track. When we walk into the school, her entire body shines, she breathes deeper, smiles bigger, glo's brighter. It is obvious the environ met is exciting, invigorating and the right pick for her career. We have one more hurdle to cross and that will be known Tuesday.

Kaitlyn leaves at 6:45am for her 8th grade class trip to Tampa. She is so excited. She is going to bush Garden's with out mom. She can't stop telling me all the things she is going to do with her friends. She has her clothes by the door, her shower taken, hair fixed and now off to sleep. I am excited for her and having a little anxiety too. Kaitlyn knows Bush Gardens well although my fear is she might get a little too independent tomorrow and go off on her own. She forgets sometimes strapping herself in rides and that scares me for her not to have someone 100% aware of her .... but I have gone over and over the rules and when she comes home tomorrow night I will post all her wonderful trip experiences as she dictates them to me.. She is my sunshine.

Steven came home early from school today saying her was sick, it was a pretty nasty headache which made him cry at school not understanding what was going on. Once he took most of the day to sleep he was up and going dinner hour. I had a head ache yesterday which I thought was stress related but it must be something... Tressa had it yesterday too.

Jordan had a 100% day. This week has been a trying week for him. I think the weather is playing a huge issue, cold cold cold then hot, cold / hot, no one knows how to dress and once you get warm, you are over heated.

Tressa, oh my she has had a rough week. OCD in a big way. We see her specialists in March, I can not wait to go over everything. I am trying to take her off one medication which can cause some excessive OCD but her OCD starts when i say I do not want to give her the liquid today... she gets so stuck... just stuck...poor thing. I wish I had better answers on how to help her through those moments.

Lucas continues to slow but sure make progress. His eating is better and better. Emma well you all get daily reports on my little sidekick who is without doubt SPOILED ROTTEN.... Two months and she is going to behavioral class.LOL I am serious she will be two and i have her on the wait list to get into a play group three hours a day all about behaviors.... LOL Red Head STUBBORN...