Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angelina and Olga need families asap.... we can help

click on link to tax deduct able donation page

You can donate right on FACE BOOK CAUSES
or mail to:
3422 SE th Place
Cape Coral, FL 33904-4209

deposit directly into Fifth/Third Bank
SW Florida PODS Angels Family Support Group Inc

I hope to raise 50K in the year 2011 to help save at least four children with Down syndrome from institutional living or death. Angelina who was born exactly a year before Emma and red headed with holes in her heart. She needs heart surgery living in an orphanage; She WILL DIE without this surgery. Her country of birth not willing to see her life " worthy" for surgery. As much as I would love to hop on a plane and go get her being a single mom with 7 children hinders adoption in many ways where people make judgements. We take so much for granted here. God has sent a challenge which doubles the joy. A family who had hoped to travel to adopt Olga had to back out. Olga is at the age of maturity ans will be locked away in an institution if not adopted... Olga's grant makes it possible to bring her back if we can raise a few funds for the family who might choose her. The country ties the children to their beds because they do not understand Down syndrome and feel their energy level is best served sedated. WE TOGETHER CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.. five or ten dollars from each will make this possible. Please consider helping in other ways.. go to