Friday, August 27, 2010

The first week of school year 2010-2011 is a near memory. All but Lucas had a flawless bus and busy back to school week. Keirsten seems a bit more organized although the social aspect seems to continue to be priority which is hindering her personal goals for the lifelong success of Keirsten... one day she will realize mom knew best although today she feels she could run the world.

Kaitlyn is so excited about the label of being an 8th EIGHTH GRADER as it has been planted into her head this is a great year and High School is next. She said all summer she just wants to go to High School so I am sure this was their motivator for her to make this a great year. Now for the funniest thing although men, this is total female...... yesterday she wore a new pair of shorts, they were TOO big and she didn't want to wear a belt as I instructed, she told me to never mind. I explained her pants would be falling down you must wear a belt. She wore it but took it off on the bus. LEFT IT ON THE BUS! Her shorts fell down nearly 1/2 her behind would show.... when she got home she did not have her belt and she told me what she had done.... well what I SAW was her hind end because she chose to put on her big sisters T back underpants!!! two bare skin round bunns hanging out for all to see...... LOL and then she says, Mom I started my period at school today... lovely!

Steven is doing the usual Steven avoiding doing work at school scribbling, today we GOT ORGANIZED! He has a 3 ring binder with each class and enough paper for a day or two, no markers, no color pencils and clear instruction he is going to work at school. We practiced which section was for which class and we labeled for him to understand... very sad he has been in school this long and is not reading "science" Makes me crazy!!! FLASH CARD PEOPLE FLASH CARDS!!!!!! He sure can read terminator, Ghost Busters, Monsters Inc, Dinosaur, etc...He could read science if he was flashed the word since 1st grade. I sure wish the general education department would read up on how to teach children with Down syndrome to read, it is research based. Also have how to teach Math to children with Down syndrome.

Jordan is not doing well staying awake in school, his meds were upped during the summer and side effects are tiredness, sleepiness, etc. He fell asleep standing up in front of the clinic worker. I stopped the meds after calling the doctor so we are going to see how it goes with no meds and if he needs something taker the lesser dose. Time will tell... him off meds would make me very happy.

Tressa is having swing sugar levels, 52 one day to 84 the next.... meds stopped on her as well until we see her Doctors,that is an overnight to Gainesville which takes planning... I am planning.

Lucas started today, I pray this is a great year for him.