Friday, August 13, 2010

One day my Prince will come, is that the song..

I spent the night last night or the night before opening and updating some singles sites I have been on in the past. I am not sure what to think when I open one that says I have been a member since 2003 and that 16,879 men looking for their one and only have read my profile and they did not seek to communicate a date with me... well that is not entirely true... I have an entire folder full of old communications back in the day I had time to communicate on line with single men to find out who they are before meeting in person. In 8 years I have met four face to face. I am amazed that many are not willing to allow a background check for abuse before you meet, before I expose a man to my children I think it only a Mothers wise choice to run a police check on him if not a full fledged child screening.. I guess stating that right up front is a bit brass.... but I am not the Crystal these days so brass it is.

Then they say my membership needs reinstated, $$$$. I thought the guarantee was if I didn't find someone in 6 months it was free.... well I am assuming paying for years and nothing came of it I should have lifetime status. My goodness I am about to be 50 have not found love in almost 50 years --come on I am all grown up and out of denial, I was in lust... I was 17 hormones raging and it was lust people... and the fact I was able to write my own excises to miss school (HIGH SCHOOL) What can be more appealing than that to get married and start a family...... Daaa oh yeah, in 1997 I fell into the bliss of Mother Mary sainthood and was quickly reminded my powers were pretty much in my mind. SO please! LOVE , no I have not been in a mature adult relationship that could in any way shape or form be described as a loving relationship with a man. SO that is one check minus in the game of life...

Now, it asks what is the longest relationship I have maintained... Gosh, there is no lines to what have you been up to for the past 33 years. My parents didn't allow me to date until I got married... that is where the 33 came from.

So I have been Internet dating for a few years now. You do realize that this is really not dating right... typing on a keyboard, talking on the phone after the kids are in bed and meeting secretly for a cup of coffee.... that is not dating.

So I think if I were to type out all the funny experiences I have encountered some of you would be rolling on the floor. Can you imagine, a man stopping for a bottle of wine to come to have dinner with his believed dream date, I met for lunch, we talked on the phone, he passed the police and child abuse checks..he was needy-that is right up my alley (lol)..... WINE, and 7 kids around the table scarfing down spaghetti. I think that man was actually on our date a total of 3 minutes 18 seconds. The minute he heard I did not have a cork opener he split to buy one, I never heard from him again.

Another, well it was the closest I came to dating. He flew down, we met, he said he fell in love and if only I would take out a home equity loan to lend him a large amount of money he might come back, Internet dating brings out the talents in financial planning... LOL no I did not.

Let me see, oh there was this one, he seemed very nice, clean cut, said all the right things until he informed me he was on probation for child crimes and his parole would not allow him to be within 100 yards of a child...... BA, BYE!

So I ask myself why did I unlock my Internet dating sites? We will see, I have one contact to respond to.... He is an old looking and I know looks can be deceiving 50 year old... I changed my header to "50 is the new 40"... do you think men will get that? I need someone to keep up... act 35 and relax to the age of 40.

OK, I believe single is my plan for now....single 99.9% of the time is just fine.. I am stuck this week on that 1%.