Thursday, August 12, 2010

One more week of summer break

It has just hit me I only have one more week of the children being home before school starts....

The letters have come in and I am in need of some open house dates.

Lucas will be going to a K-2 room so we can focus on self help skills this year. Potty training is priority then feeding himself. The two are really equal although I will be thrilled to not change diapers from him... PRIORITY ONE.
Lucas will start Kindergarten next year officially included in the general education Kindergarten classroom. I believe full inclusion is the only route for our children with Down syndrome to exceed to their highest potential in life. My opinion from talking to parents of children who are breaking records for Independence in America having Down syndrome.

Tressa and Jordan are in the school we have been attending for years, their bus came by to introduce the driver and assistance yesterday. I discussed the way I choose them to pull up for easy and non resistance loading in the mornings at 6:50AM YIKES. Both Jordan and Tressa attend school in general education classrooms with push in and pull out services. Most of their ESE services are delivered in the general education classroom. The kids both have paraprofessionals to assist the general education teacher in providing all the IEP goal initiatives to meet their annual goals. Tressa will be in the same grade (2nd) with the same teacher with the entire team excited about this coming year being her best ever.. Jordan knows his new 3rd grade teacher although she has never taught him before she is not new to the school. She also knows Jordan. Jordan' and Tressa's paras have been in contact over the summer to keep on top of their personal needs. Jordan is looking forward to getting back to school to see Lily, his aurie. He has pulled out pink toppers for her pencils, a pink folder and saying these are for Lily. He is so cute about her. Tressa has her new lunch box and has been discussing what the first day of school is going to be like...her social calendar...planning. I am excited for her to get back in her routine.. it is all good, I love the school, love the staff and am excited to have a new year begin.

Kaitlyn and Steven have a new Principle which i just learned about...this could change everything............... I plan to be at their school this coming week to see if I can set time to talk to the new person in charge. If you do not know the Principle is the one person who can make or break a child in ESE's education. It is said that ESE has their IEP team which drives the educational success although anyone with any experience will back me in that a Principle who is not supportive train wrecks it all... I have no desire to lay new track...I am all about finding team players and hope this is an experienced pilot of this this is all up in the air... I pray I am not moving kids the first weeks of school.

Keirsten with as much resistance as I have ever experienced is back at her same High School, not that she wants to be there but because I need her there. She very much wants to go to the High School my older kids attended although it is the school a couple not so desirable boys go to... not a reason in my opinion to change schools. I am doing some research on local High Schools once they get into session and moving is a possibility but it will be for education reasons and not where the local boy friend is attending. I see this as a huge job coming my way...

Emma, sweet well.... that is getting debatable... You have NO IDEA how manipulating this little girl is being about therapy. I am SHOCKED.... she screams like Ms Jan is making her stand on hot coals and hurting her to "stand" now she stands all day when Ms Jan is not here... although when Ms Jan starts working "therapy" she screams, although stopped instantly if I pick her up. It is now happening in her OT, Speech and daily skills therapy.... Any undesired task she screams to the point she passes out of exhaustion.. Guys she is only 17 months old. Look out Lee County School for this up and coming red head student...

So that is the plan, we have a day of play planned next week to Tampa in BUSH GARDENS, the vote is to take no baby's. This weekend we have their back to school dance and then Sunday their friend's Birthday Bash which is going to be HUGE FUN. I will take lots of pictures of all their activities. I have only a little school supply list to complete, not much of school clothing shopping this year. A few things here and there... new shoes left to get and we are ready.