Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here's one for my special PEEPS

All the parents who wear my shoes will totally laugh..........

I am at a parenting crossroad.. My boys love to play dress up and "house" although they are too old as society would understand them continuing to play dress up..
Jordan was the Mom, Steven the Dad... you know where I am going. Well Jordan ran to tell me Steve kissed him on the lips. Steven is saying Jordan is a girl (because they are playing that Jordan is a girl) Jordan is in deep training right now we do not kiss on the lips "friends" because he has kissed on the lips in school and gotten written up... So confused by if you can in play or possibly this the opportunity to "turn in Steven" one would only be able to guess... My position as to listening and guiding as the parent was about like the best comedy show I have ever been to. Steven defending his kiss was to "a girl" playing his "wife" or the Mother to his children... and Jordan wanting me to be sure I understand Steve kissed him on the lips not vice a versa but admitting they kissed..... LOL my trying to sort it all to be sure everyone understands we are not kissing in pretend play or in school or anywhere at this point the others in the home are cracking up which in turn gets me off track.............. HOW DO WE PARENT THIS..LOL without cracking up. During the whole who kissed and a boy is a boy is a boy not to mention your brother, Tressa is crawling to the open kitchen door which I am standing literally 2 feet from as if she is going to make it to the graham crackers on the counter Emma is snacking on while I make dinner..... and totally bummed when I ask her to stand up and go back to her card game. I just had to share.. such funny moments that may not seem funny at all to you but living it is hysterical some moments.