Friday, August 6, 2010

What is going on in our home................

I am trying to balance life right now.

We had a exciting but HUGE event happen in our family last weekend, it set things off balance for a bit while we process what is happening.

You all know that my children have all come to me through adoption. Very open adoptions. I know pretty much everything about everyone in the lives of my children.. When Kaitlyn came to me she had a Father listed on her Birth Cert. I knew it was not the actual Father but the man in her mothers life at that time, I was told the actual Father was unknown. Kaitlyn had never known her Birth Father nor had he known anything about her Until last Friday, a week ago today. He contacted me and i took a couple days to process what this was going to do to our family although in communicating I was learning this man was WONDERFUL and heart led to learn more about Kaitlyn only to learn more about Kaitlyn, it has been all positive on both sides. We have kept it private and plan to keep it private until all the children have their time to process. Kaitlyn will remain in our family as it is in her best interest, she has extended her family and more people to love her. Actually WE have extended our family and we all have more people to call family ... Again, we need to keep names etc private and allow the children their time. Trust that I am looking out for Kaitlyn as is her Father.

I have been collecting old photos, emailing memories as I recall them from sorting old photos to fill in the past almost 16 years of Kaitlyn's life. That has been my writing time, along with running the household during a crazy week...keep up with facebook as I can get a sentence in there more frequently.