Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was a lot of fun, we went to a dance by the Special Populations which is shortened to be called POPS of Special POPS. We know many of the folks although many more we do not know. This group is older because special pops focuses on the older population... High school and beyond. We are getting closer and closer so while I have some sort of influence over my children I want to be able to attend and after we can talk about situations, I can guide them in making the right choices.

Such as;
The photo of Jordan is a tummy ache.. he is sitting out not dancing because his tummy hurt. They had a vending machine which he delivered himself three Pepsi's and 2 bags of chips while dancing. His tummy hurt for good reason.

Kaitlyn did not hydrate with water and crashed, The dance started at noon, they had a break at 1:30 to pass out drinks (punch) for most, diet for others and cookies which they also had no sugar cookies. The music went soft and everyone had a rest period. Some photos taken with about 3/4 of the group willing to have their picture taken.

One of the older boys went outside for a smoke of his vanilla flavored black cigar?? But then asked me if I knew if the girl inside with the short hair brought protection with her??? I advised him to ask her Mother when she came to pick her up.... OK, SERVICE DOG comes to mind here.... Something like KILLER MIKE DOG, or CHOKE HIM CHARLIE....... I need to figure this out cause our Ali would lick him to death if I was lucky.... BUT for now this is why I will attend, like it or not.

Kailtyn danced a couple after the snack and she was very cute... When we arrived everyone was movin and a groovin... but it was clear this was their dance and I needed to go over by the parents "area" and SIT DOWN... Steven would not dance with me, Jordan focused on the vending machines and Kaitlyn was social to me but would move to the other side of the dance floor to avoid me dancing. In the end she made it clear as a bell... OH MY GOSH MOM WOULD YOU JUST GO SIT DOWN!!! I did not argue and took my seat. She is almost 16!

Jordan at one time went out to the front lobby of the hall and sat on this nice little conversation table set like a formal dining corner...He asked me to sit down, he pretended to offer me a drink and role played serving me a nice meal. THEN he asked me if we could take the center piece, it was a nice planter with a live plant in it. I said No, he said it is pretty for Aurie..(Lily) He wants to take it to school and give it to her... I reminded him of the pink pencil top erasers he has to give her and her pink folder... she will love that, and he can take a blueberry muffin they can share for snack???? Wonder if they have snack in 3rd grade??

The kids were wore out, Kaitlyn fell asleep in the van on the way home. Jordan and Steven rode to walmart to get wrapping paper and a **** gift and then to ROSS for another gift... for tomorrows party. Wrapping and giving is a whole nother process of learning for the boys... Both gifts they would love to keep..

Tomorrow we have therapy and then off to a Birthday party which is set to be the key party... KEY WEST THEME... lots of photos tomorrow.