Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A day slash night in the life

The past few weeks have proven to be a test of my continued strength to push forward for all I believe in. I am facing the world of teenagers who are slightly different to raise than a teenager without a disability. I am all too aware of typical teenage rebellion as this is also part of my teens who have different abilities BUT the side kick is having so many more adults who feel they have a say in my children cause parenting clashes. I am now facing how to deal with a teen boy who feels power in playing Mom against his school and he has won round one... the school is falling right into his game. Well I am not so sure they are not a part of it..... still uncovering much of their part in all this.

I rarely get a full nights sleep, my household doesn't shut down for more than 2 or 3 hours. I have one or two that take until about midnight to fall asleep and I have other 2 or 3 that are up at 2 am, 3am or anywhere from there until the 6 am alarm goes off. Some nights it is a full fledged party going on... I can not count how many times I get up turn lights off, take a TV out, Take radios out, take alarm clock radio out, take toys out, close curtains, put shades back up, change sheets, take drinks or food out, put arts and crafts back out where they belong... Oh my so much goes on when they think Momma is sleeping.

Meanwhile, I get calls from school that Lucas wants to sleep at school, Tressa is tired and cranky at school, Kaitlyn is a bear in the morning. WELL THEY NEED TO SLEEP! (yes some are on meds to help them sleep, it is much worse without meds)

I wake at 3 am to the loud sound of hip hop music blasting from Steven's room, as I get out of bed there is Tressa going over my dresser to see if she can find anything.. She runs as I roll out of bed, and back into her room where I learn she has hooked up her TV and it is on... You must know Tressa went to school and told her teacher...I MAKE HER WATCH TV ALL NIGHT.... and then she has headaches. PLEASEEEEE..... then I open Steven's door he puts down the music to very low and Lucas is up on all fours on the top bunk just rocking away so crazy that he doesn't hear me but when the light goes on he quickly lays down and crawls under his covers... OOOOPPPPPSSSSS the party has ended.. I tell Steven to give me the boom box and it is going into the garbage. (this is not the first time he has pulled this stunt, nor the second) He yells back at me he is going to tell Michael (His ESE teacher) I offered him my phone... and he snarled at me. TEENAGERS!!!! remember it is 3:25 in the morning and I do have her cell number and boy oh boy I would have let him call if he made the slightest gesture he would...that's how I roll!

It comes time to wake up and yes, Lucas is sound asleep, Steven is grumpy and Kaitlyn who has been roaming all night from bed to couch to my room to couch is folded in half asleep on the couch... She is grumpy every morning until she is awake and has a shower so not sure a good nights sleep would change her issues, I hear that comes from her Paternal side...LOL (Hugs Sam) He admits one needs to stay 10 feet from him until he is "awake" she has been this way from the get go.

Steven is not wanting to cooperate, I know teen years are tough on all .. I have blogged about his scribbling in school which is very time consuming VERY TIME CONSUMING so I have questioned the school for a year and a half who is in charge, how does he get so much time so doodle on paper..I can not explain the amount so I will post a photo... It amazes me..He is very honest with me. Steven are you going to go to school to work or make pictures on pieces of paper. "pictures" really Steven? "yes" I have yet to get any work home from him in a year and a half..Yep, nothing comes home to show anything he does in school...nothing. When I get to the IEP the teachers will have folders of all this beautiful work, maybe their refrigerators have all his daily work on them because he brings NOTHING but papers that he has NO IDEA what they are home and none have any writing on them..just work sheets. I thought long and hard about my new plan for Steven and I will be (now that I know how) be adding many more videos of the kids... many many more videos of the kids... so many you might be able to put them together as a sitcom. I am not yet ready to claim home school, we are simply just not set up to make that journey successful but I am placing that on the table as an option in the future... lots of variables for the "if" pile...

Well it was bread run night last night which is always a stress release with Kaitlyn and I on our alone time jamming to tunes rocking out... she is a riot. Now I have to pull it together to deliver the bread and stop at the hardware store to finally install the new garbage disposal... or call a handyman because I am not too swift with tools. Then to walmart for food shopping ... I know my daughter has on her face book post she and her boyfriend are going to the coconut Mall with her mom but that simply was not in my day planner.... maybe tomorrow. That girl needs a J O B !