Monday, March 7, 2011

A house with no secrets... no personal conversations, no private space..this is where I live.

My day started out with the lists from the weekend, a productive day it would be --that is what the lists indicated for sure.. on top of productive we were going to walk the mall for some exercise and emotional boost for a teen to be "productive" a long side her Mom. So the plan was in motion... UNTIL, we have one pit stop to a full pick up, Jordan has the runs... we try to stay on course just a new path.. not going well...Teen is disappointed and like many she is showing her teen #*@ So I run into the store and get necessary items to continue our progress.
I am feeling the let down and stress from trying to hold to a plan which we would have never written for four..well not this fourth person... So now.. I am home, Lucas comes in and we are getting on track, the new track, battery changed in Lucas' lowjack... and then Lucas lets loose with the runs... ALL OVER THE PLAYROOM and covering the bottom of his shoes so now all over the house...and Emma is 99% still crawling so she is packed into her Tripp Trapp chair..I grab Lucas, keirsten grabs the bleach.. Ok you feel it... I am not loving it right now and then...the doorbell rings.. low and behold the monthly drop in from the support coordinator is NOW! RIGHT NOW! I need to sit and talk about my NEEDS....LOL boy he went packing with an ear full. LOL
Then the phone is the builder I contacted to add on to my home.. RIGHT NOW.. in the middle of it all... LOL I press with the conversation not thinking EVERYONE is with in ear range. I am paying dearly right now as I type..Jordan has the entire show planned, he is motioning demolition..LOL he is full of excitement of "more house." "more my house" Oh I just need them to go to sleep. I have so much to do...