Sunday, March 20, 2011

The past week was a busy one for sure yet not near as busy as this week or next for us. I am working with a builder to add on to our home. I have some amazing human beings contacting me to try and make this a reality. When the figure came in that it would be at best about 90K I knew that the credit union would never..Then we had some volunteers from the past and some hopeful product donations which all would help although who knows when the rubber hits the road... but I have a good feeling, I hope it is a good feeling. So that had me digging for plans, past assessments and information collecting to find some one to get blueprints.

I made an appointment to talk to Steven's principal which is in the morning. A simple conversation to get him safely to the end of this year. I did talk to the staffing specialist and gave my plan because she and I seem to have the same goals for Steven and we both see the current is not successful. I am excited for my teens for next year. Very excited.

I did go to Orlando for the state wide meeting. It was a juggling act to get the supports in place in the home for me to get out the door and take a couple to make it all balance. I even took the van for an oil change and fluids filled etc.. As we traveled up to Orlando all excited to hit a few outlet malls for some window shopping...I-4 was BUMPER TO BUMPER, the van alarms going off, it is over heating.

When all else fails find I walmart I say...

I bought supplies but too hot to open, we find the outlet mall and park it in the garage... 2 hours and still too hot... I pray and race to the hotel.. we make it and I park it...

In the evening I put the coolant in and the stop leak ... let it run 15 minutes with the heat on and idle. it doesn't get hot.. Ok, I run with out the heater, it doesn't get hot.. I will check it in the morning to see if it is still full..

I am loving the girl time but really really missing the adult only time... I usually did the state meetings without the kids.. I feel guilty when I have fun without the kids.. not even fun fun fun, just adult conversation and not wiping a face at the table.. just me to be responsible for.

I wake early for my meeting for the day... WOW how much can one brain take in in one day. Lots of notes because I really feel like I need to be up on everything that has to do with the future of my children.

The van appears to be safe to drive home, we will keep a watchful eye and stop for dinner not to push it and see.... it is all good. I vent the entire ride home with other parents about all that is happening in government in our state.. it is what I do after I go to a brain power meeting... get as much out and into the next parent as I can as fresh as it is with all the fire inside me to have them call another parent and so on.

The weekend was full, we had a Birthday party Sunday which all my children were invited to which was in an amazing part of Florida. I love the country, we need the city, just country at heart. now we have one day to prepare to go to Tallahassee and I have no idea how I am going to pull this off... Thursday Emma turns two and Friday we have an event in Punta Gorda for Make A Wish air show event..the kids were invited to Sail on Saturday at Apollo Beach then Bush gardens Sunday-Monday9pre-paid) .... OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS.... gas alone stopped the Sailing event.. then how will I pull the rest out of my hat..I DO NOT KNOW, as Jordan often says. I DO NOT KNOW..