Saturday, March 26, 2011

TWO I E P' s this week are making me think deep on what the future education plan is for the Pringle' it time I bring in the Federal level DOE to see the nonsense I live through... I need to figure out exactly where my energy needs directed to better serve my children.. I have fought a good fight here locally and they seem to do for the surface and let my children\en's as well as many many others fall to the side 99% of the time.

I want to share with you all....

Lucas is the youngest in public education. he is learning about space...SPACIAL CONCEPT of where his body is in our here is my arm, there are two arms on my body and lets see what they can do and that they are here every day I wake up... My feet are finally moving in the right direction and I can keep up with a faster pace than last year which I can create some real drama if I just use those feet/legs endlessly, carelessly in any direction that allows me to escape.. (just run to run) he loves to be carefree and just move... (which is very dangerous in most of his situations if not 100% supervised) He has minimal at best concept between a cow and a tea cup. YET..... I am not exaggerating and I will post a photo... he is doing worksheets eons over his head about...well you can see for your own eyes and tell me what is his purpose in this educational setting... REALLY.

He is getting B's and C's on his report card. Says he is a sweet boy, They are pleased with the progress, having more good days than not good days, echoing sounds from adult role models...and is starting to come willingly when he is called..loves coming to school and playing with his classmates... He is in the middle of a BIP because they are having troubles with him being very destructive at school..nothing we have at home, it is not allowed.